"As You Sleep"

This is a published poem (a lullaby) that I wrote on a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, some time ago--a visit that convinced me to move there...


Slumber gentle princess
Serenely in your bed.
Fashion new worlds
Inside your head.
Leave this world's concerns
To those still awake;
Cloak yourself in visions
You alone partake.

Excuse me as I savor
Each breath you take,
Floating on the cloud
Of beauty you create.
Allow me just one kiss
Upon your downy cheek
Before I too surrender
To my own blissful sleep.

Come tomorrow morning
I will see you again my sweet
And ask you of your sojourn
In the shadows deep.
Till then "Good Night" to you
In your worry-free release;
Watching you there I know
There truly can be peace...

Copyright © 1990 Raymond Sison. All rights reserved.
Thanks, latingal! Here's another one for you, written some time ago:


From the heights of joy,
Flow the streams of sweet memory.
From the clouds of precious dreams,
Fall the raindrops of serenity.
Collecting in the reservoir
Of your heart and mind;
Waters your soul can drink from
During hard times...

Copyright © 1995 Raymond Sison. All rights reserved.

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