Ask Frankie

If you could ask Frankie Manning anything what would it be?

Frankie Manning? Who is that?

Below is the intro to his bio on Savoy Style...

No one has contributed more to the Lindy Hop than Frankie Manning -- as a dancer, innovator and choreographer. For much of his lifetime he has been an unofficial Ambassador of Lindy Hop. Originally touring as a dancer and choreographer with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in the 30's and 40's, he helped spread the popularity of the Lindy Hop through three continents. Once again, since the swing dance revival that started in the 1980s, Frank Manning has been a driving force worldwide with his teaching, choreography and performance. His own love of swing music and dancing has been as contagious as his dazzling smile.
I would ask who his favorite bands were.

For which contribution would he like to be remembered for nintey six years from now?

Who does he feel is the most underappreciated or least recognized contributer to the dance?

Which of his character or personality traits may he be attributed to his success?

Does Frankie Manning feel there is anything missing or lacking from today's swing scene/ dancers? If so, what?

Damon, with this discussion you will be moderating be video taped? I, for one, would like to see it.
It won't likely be video taped... I will try and transcribe as much of it as I can, possibly get an audio tape... I'll see what i can do.
So Catrine Llungren has blown out her knee so she won't be able to teach. What we are discussing now is her either taking over the talk, or us doing it together.

I'm not sure which way we'll go, but either way it will still be great. I've got your questions and I'm leaving to see Frankie now.
So I have answers to slightly more than half your questions. I'll get the rest of the answers by phone in the next week or so.

I'll give the short answers now. If you want the longer answers let me know.

Favorite band, Count Basie.

Least recognized contributor, Herbert White.

Lindy Hop has alwasys been based around an eight count basic (the swing out), though it uses lots of various six count steps.

It is hard not to be happy when you get to do what you love for a living.

I've got more for you, as well as a few stories I'm going to write up to post here.
Querstion repeated

Spitfire asked:
Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2003 2:58 pm Post subject:

"I would ask him (Frankie Manning) if Lindy Hop originally was a six count dance since I think I read somewhere that he stated so."

D'nice, the questrion Spitfire asked you is still unanswered, and we are all waiting with baited breath for your report on Frankie's 'aleged statement concerning the 'six count Lindy'.
Black Sheep, 'Words are Cheep, Verification is Golden' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
Yup... ...missed ya Joe.

actually, he did answer the question with the post that went up more than four hours before your post. It says very clearly...

d nice said:
Lindy Hop has always been based around an eight count basic (the swing out), though it uses lots of various six count steps.
it's there for everyone to read... from Frankie Manning... what else do you need?

In keeping with the theme, D nice's words are golden. He said he'd ask the question, he asked the question, he got the answer and passed it along to us just like he said he would.
If you can record Frankie answering the 6-count question, I'll see to it that it is made into a web-ready format and made available for all to hear. :D
I'll see what I can do about recording it.

The longer stories will pop up in there own thread when I'm done compiling my notes from the talk and my interview.
DanceMentor said:
If you can record Frankie answering the 6-count question, I'll see to it that it is made into a web-ready format and made available for all to hear. :D
It's sad that it seems to be nessesary!

I look forward to reading about what Frankie has to say.

Swing Kitten'
Do you really expect anyone to accept what D'nice Says Frankie said? Is this what common sense verification is? How about some authentic quotes from Frankie himself? either denying or corroborating Spitfire's statement concerning the 'Six Count Lindy being the original Lindy in the 1940's'.
Until we get Frankie's verification from his own lips, let me give you my personal 'Verification' of what was taught up until the 1960's in New York and in L.A. the two specific cities where I was a live active observing dancer and teacher of Swing with a bear trap memory. Here is my Quote, "Nobody ever used the word, ' eight counts' for Swing/Lindy" and if I have to someday demonstrate why the Six Count was used and why it is so flexible and superior 'count' in training anyone to become a top Lindy dancer, I will do it!
But in the time being I am a 'Primary Source' of what Lindy was being taught her in L.A. in the 1940's and the 1950's and what style of Lindy was being taught and danced in New York in the 1930's up until the 1960's. I was there actively teaching and dancing both WCS & ECS (LINDY) styles that have now evolved into similar but different dance forms, before D'nice was ever born.

Black Sheep, "Talk is Cheap, Verification is Golden" Joe Lanza, 2003 a.d.
It's not like Frankie can't be seen within in a 2 hour drive of any major scene at least once a year. If someone really wanted to connect with the true roots of lindy hop as done in the Savoy Ballroom from the 30's to 50's let me know. I'll happily let them know when Frankie will be in their neck of the woods.

That said Frankie Manning will be in Palm Springs (for all you Southern Cali types, Joe, Jonathon) in November for the Harvest Moon Swing Out.
Are we really going to go through this again Joe?

1. Every living member of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers will tell you the swing out is the basic. Everyone of them if asked to count it out will count it as either 8 (with two &'s), 10 (with the & being given a whole number), or two sets of either four or five (depending on whether they assign the second step in the triple as an & or as a number).

Why this discrepancy? Because they didn't use numbers at all among the top Savoy dancers. Not six, not eight, nothing.

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