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pygmalion said:
What a character he must be! :D
He is. If you ever get a chance to take a class from him, or attend one of his lectures, I highly recommend it. I've had about 3 brief moments to talk to him and he's one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.


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Hello, Hepcat Bob! Welcome to the forums! :D

Can't you just hear Frankie Manning talk in the interview above? I'm hoping to get to one of his classes quite soon. Anything before the end of the year can't happen, and I haven't seen a schedule for next year, yet. But definitely as soon as I can, G_d willing! :D

Thanks again for joining us!

Jenn :D
Hello there HepcatBob!

Welcome to the forums!! It's nice to hear from yet another source that Frankie is as wonderful as he seems. How did you find your opportunities to learn from him?

It's nice that we seem to be getting more swing dancers on the forums! Yippee!! Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to find the forums!

I look forward to seeing you around.

--Swing Kitten
Hi Pygmalion and Swing Kitten!!

I take it you're not the same Swing Kitten from Yehoodi?

I found out about this board from Yehoodi. I've been posting there for years.

I guess my first experience with Frankie was actually on video. I used to play trombone in a big band here in Greensboro, NC. I was getting tired of the band politics, so I decided to try dancing instead because I still loved the music. I did some searching and found the site. Of course, that was before I knew about classes and workshops, so I ordered the tapes Frankie did with Erin Stevens. I also ordered both 'Can't Top the Lindy Hop' videos. I watched those tapes so much I felt like I knew him.

During my search for instructional help, I found out about Frankie's 85th Birthday Party at the Roseland in NY, so I decided to go. That was the first time I met him in person. I met one of the moderators from Yehoodi at the party and that's how I got started posting there.

Then, in September of 1999, my girlfriend and I went to 'A Natural Ball' in Atlanta. Frankie was teaching there, along with most of the members of 'The Rhythm Hot Shots' and a bunch of other world class instructors. I worked my butt off that weekend. I think I took 5 classes from Frankie, at least 3 from Eddie & Eva from TRHS, a couple from Marcus & Baerbl, and a bunch of others. The event itself was really disorganized, and a lot of people were unhappy with the way it was run, but I still managed to learn a lot.

The last time I took classes from Frankie was here in Greensboro last March. Our local Swing Dance Society brought him here for a couple of days of workshops.


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That is so cool, HepcatBob!

Sounds like your girlfriend is also into swing dance, which is excellent! :D

Do you have a pretty active swing community where you live? Lots of sponsored dances and workshops, etc.? Please share your experiences. :D

I actually met my girlfriend dancing.

Our local scene isn't too bad. Back in 2000, a group of us started the Piedmont Swing Dance Society and it's still going fairly well. Before that, Joel Domoe, who now lives in Atlanta, used to put on dances in Greensboro and Winston-Salem. PSDS ( has 2 dances with live bands every month. There is also the Triangle Swing Dance Society over in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. They also put on dances on alternating Saturday nights. The scene in the Triangle is a bit bigger than this area, but it's only about an hour's drive. We also have a place in Greensboro called Green's Supper Club that's pretty good depending on the band that's playing.


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That's cool, HepcatBob. There's a pretty interesting thread on "Would You Date or Marry Someone Who's Not a Dancer" you should check out. Good for a laugh, if nothing else. Enlightening too. :D :lol:

Sounds like you have a pretty active swing scene, there. Same thing in Orlando, where I live. There's a pretty active swing club affiliated with a local university that sponsors weekly dances, group classes, workshops, and a bunch more stuff. Plus there are quite a few clubs that do swing dances many nights of the week. Lots of fun! :D

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