Aspect ratio problem

Can someone recommend a video editing alternative to Nero, which can fix aspect ratio display issue?

The situation is the following: I got a good video of my dancing this past weekend. I want to convert it to digital to share with my friends and family on youtube. The video was originally recorded as 16:9. Somehow, when it is played on PC or Mac, it is displayed as 4:3 (think tall and skinny). I cannot figure out how to force Nero to fix the aspect ratio when it converts DVD to digital and/or plays it back (as a DVD, or as a resulting video). Maybe it can't even do it.

I can get it to display correctly on my DVD player, so there is correct sizing hidden in there somewhere.

So what other options do I have for Windows? I watched it on someone else's Mac, but I won't have access to it to edit the darn thing.
VLC played it back with the correct aspect ratio, but it didn't let me convert it for youtube upload. Someone else suggested using Ultra Video Converter to rerecord the file, and I figured out a workaround for some of its limitations.
OK, here are the steps to force correct aspect ratio so that the video will look normal on youtube. Convert DVD to Digital using Nero, and then use Ultra Video Converter to fix the aspect ratio. Free version of Ultra Video Converter comes with the following limitation: it converts only half of the file you want to convert. To work around that limitation, you need to double-up the footage you want to be in the final file. I used Nero to do that - imported the title I wanted twice and merged them so that it came out as one file. Then I opened that file in Ultra Video Converter, and set output video size to one of the choices which matches 16:9 ratio. Free version converted half of my file, but because I doubled up the contents, I got all dances in.
Also another caveat: Ultra Video Converter install sneaked in 3 unwanted programs together with it: some kind of PC backup, and a couple of internet browsing add-ons, and I had to remove them manually from Control Panel.
I've used VLC's Convert function to create a file with the desired aspect ratio.
It was disabled in my download for some reason. Regardless, UVC worked and I'm happy with the result. Although I'm still kinda irritated that I had to put so much effort into getting it to work, because a) videos from other vendors have correct aspect ratio to begin with and b) for the amount of money they cost I do expect the vendor to have the technical details like aspect ratio figured out. This isn't the first time I'm having this particular problem with a DVD from this particular vendor, it's just that the previous times I felt like the video itself wasn't good enough for the upload, so I didn't bother with the conversion.

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