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I have some Latin gowns for sale, but I wanted to post this one here, as I had been asked about selling a Latin gown that covered the arms and was of modest design.

This dress by Fancy Fashions is a vibrant orange and blue color.

As you can see, a nude colored mesh covered in Swarovski AB stones covers the arms and upper body. The dress, a vibrant orange and blue, is covered in sapphire swarovski, sun swarovski, and also crystal AB Swarovski. The fringe on the gown is a combination of normal fringe, beaded fringe, and fringe adorned with Swarovski flatbacks. The dress has a full body suit and bra cups. The design of this dress makes it suitable for both Latin and Swing.

Here is a close-up of the bodice (please note this dress is modelled on a red dress form):

This dress is in impeccable condition. Very lightly used condition. It does not look used at all. It has been professionally cleaned and restoned. No stains, no missing stones, no tears - Excellent condition!

Here is a close-up of the fringe:

Maximum Measurements for a Flattering Fit:
Bust: 36"
Waist: 29"
Hips: 36"
Maximum Height: 5'6"

I would say this gown is a true size 4-6. A larger dancer could fit into it but I do not believe it would be a flattering fit.

I am asking $600 (plus shipping).

For more information, please visit:

Thank you! :cool:


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Answers to questions:

The cups are about a size B.

The inside bodysuit does not have a snap panty - It is solid lycra.

The slit on the side is not very high - Just enough to expose to about mid thigh, and allows for some freedom of movement.

The stoning pattern is comprised of Sun and Sapphire 20ss on the corresponding color of the gown. The crystals on the netting are Crystal AB 20ss, and on the fingerloop gauntlet part (not pictured, I can make one) it is lined with a solid row of Crystal AB 20ss. There are also Crystal AB 20ss on the gown, but the swirly patterns you see (more noticeable on the fringe part) are made from Crystal AB 30ss stones.

This gown does not come with a hair accessory but I can look into having one custom made if interested.

I think that takes care of all questions! :cool:


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Ah, geez. Just found out I have to spend about $500 fixing my stupid bird. Why did you have to go spring oil leaks in all of those hard to reach places?

Maybe I should take this dress to the garage and see if the boys will take it as a trade? :cool:


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Car isn't ready... just learned the bill almost doubled. Something rusted, and then something broke, and then something had to be drilled... I think they used the word "manifold"... I have no idea but I'm going to out a lot of cash on what I thought was a trivial oil leak.

I have other dresses for sale... please help pay for fixing my bird, LOL


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Well I have my bird back, but now I'm too poor to buy it birdseed (aka gasoline.) Well okay, not REALLY too poor but, man... it didn't cost me an arm and leg but I could swear I'm missing my spleen...


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Well the hit count for this gown is up to 73! So, I know you are looking... You know you want to buy it... :twisted:


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lol... i keep looking. not sure if it would fit. i'm a six but...looks narrow.

and...not sure of the fringes around the bottom. no offense, but i keep thinking "lamp shade". :rolleyes:

however, i have always looked good in this color combo...

and i really don't want to wear my current latin dress at my next comp.


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Well I'm pretty certain the black Randall is sold. Just waiting for payment. :)

The Fancy Fashions is still available, however. ;)


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Just wanted to say, the green Randall is gone, too. I may put a blue Randall Latin of modest design up for sale. I haven't listed it yet because I have local interest and might sell it.

I still have the Fancy Fashions latin! I've had some interest but no serious offers. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm back in town now.


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I almost had a buyer... almost!

Good news is, you still have a chance.:)

I have reduced the price to $550. The dress comes with a brand new dress bag, and also a brand new pair of clip-on earrings I purchased to match.

Here are the earrings:

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