Attn: Geeks! Multiple flashdrive question


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Ok, I need to tap into the collective expertise here.

I know I can buy a 10-port USB hub. If I do, could I put 10 flashdrives into it and write a file to all 10 simultaneously? Or would I have to do the click-drag for each one sequentially? (Running Windows on PCs here.)

We have about 1,000 flashdrives that we need to load with a .pdf-format marketing presentation and don't want to load them individually.



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That won't do what you want... it will mount each one of them as an individual drive. You might could use software that does what's called a "sector copy", but there are inherent limitations of USB and the flash memory that will make that painful. However, there are machines that will do what you want. Use your favorite search engine and do a search for "flash drive duplicator".


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Can't burn CDs. They're not sexy like school logo flashdrives.

Looks like I should titled this "Attention: Greeks"! (Thanks, Sam.)

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