August/Palm Springs WCS camp


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ok all y'all, the www dot peoplewhodance dot net WCS/Hustle/AT/NC2step/CW2step Palm Springs Dance Camp is happening again. Artemia already has one full table in the main ballroom reserved so we can put our stuff at an actual table and she is selling tickets to the second table that needs to be full.
She came last year, at my insistence, not expecting much and is a total convert to WCS and having way too much fun last summer.
The hotel is one mile from the airport. (Renaissance Hotel).
Tons of workshops, Tons of General Dancing at multiple ballrooms in hotel.
check out the website. And bring your bathing suit - the pool is fab when your recovering from all the dancing!:friend:
Haha yes, since attending Palm Springs in August of last year, I turned into an insane West Coast Swing addict. Not saying it'll happen to you, but I actually quit ballroom and now dance WCS 7 nights a week. I am competing once a month and looking forward to having an amazing party to celebrate my one year competitive dance anniversary at PS this August.

What I loved about the Summer Dance Camp was the fact that there are THREE workshops going on AT ALL TIMES, two when there are competitions going on so you have ample choice of what to work on if you don't want to be in the ballroom watching competitions. Social dancing goes until the early birds are waking up for the morning workshops, yes, sun coming up and everything.

If you haven't experienced a WCS competition yet, this is a great one to get your feet wet. And table tickets are the same price as general seating (chairs on risers away from the floor rather than a table right on the floor's edge) so there's no reason to not do it... plus you've got a group of people you get to sit with the whole time.. guaranteed dances!

All it takes is the bravery to decide to go, it might change your life forever, it sure changed mine.


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The 50+ classes schedule is up.
Also, Annie Hirsch ... will be giving a Lecture on the points system
& the World Swing Dance Council
And too many other things to mention are now posted on the peoplewhodance dot net website. Check it out!


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BUMP!!! Artemia has sold out her two tables, HOWEVER, if any DFers want to join the table in the grand ballroom for the evening - happy to share. This "camp" sooooo rocks! and worth every penny. Remember, Palm Springs Airport is only one mile from hotel. PM me for more information.

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