Austerity Measures -- Suggestions?


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Another huge library fan here!! I couldn't afford my reading habit if I had to buy it all. As far as fiction, I will only buy my very favorite authors in hardback, but 2 of the 3 have passed on.:( BOO HOOO!!
I have found some cool books in the B&N sale section, though.


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Used bookstores and Goodwill. Library discard sales. No, not the latest (but whatever, if there's something I specifically want I'll use Amazon) and LOTS of neat stuff you'd never find otherwise. Of course then the problem arises you have to buy more bookshelves...


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Reviving the thread:

The sat dish is coming crashing down tomorrow and I'm not going back to cable. Since tech evolves so rapidly, are there any current fans or detractors of Amazon Prime? (This isn't an austerity measure, I'm just tired of 100s of channels of cr*p.)


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Hulu and Netflix is all I need. Total $19 per month, shareable with multiple devices, so if you are not sitting in front of a flat screen at home, you can watch on the train or even on the beach...


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I consider Amazon Prime's streaming good but not great. It seems to be better for TV shows than it does movies. If I were going to get something specifically for the streaming service, I'd probably go the netflix route. If you want the other perks that come with Amazon Prime and don't have another service, prime streaming is a nice benefit.
I like prime's streaming as well, but it's more of a "whee bonus!" feature on my free shipping than something I sought out.

Speaking of saving money, at least for me, rent is the single biggest expense I've saved recently. I may live in a 10x10 shoebox, but cutting $300+ a month gives me a lot more dancin' money!

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