Autumn Dance Classic


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Yes. Sorry I haven't gotten this stuff online yet. Anton & Lena Koukareko won, then Damien & Olga from SoCal, then Ikaika Dowsett & Katya Afanaseva. Then three other couples, don't recall the order.

I've got to go to Feldenkrais, then drive an hour to my dance lessons, but after I get home later tonight I will work on getting all this stuff up online like I should have on Monday but I was busy sleeping 20 hours that day :)


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I'm glad to hear you are up and around again Laura...I assume you are feeling better after the bout of food poisoning (and I'm sure just plain old exhaustion after working the comp).


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Results from Sunday night --

Open Pro/Am Latin
1) Elyse Hironaka with Carlos Chang

Open Pro/Am Smooth
1) Chelsea Farrah with Eric Koptke
2) Terry Wilson with David Stewart
3) James Kleinrath with Alise Halbert

Over-35 Amateur Latin
1) Todd Marsden & Susanna Hardt

Over-35 Amateur Standard
1) James Kleinrath & Melody Singleton
2) Adel Ghoneimy & Karen Chow-Ghoneimy
3) Antonio & Alexia Cardenas

Open Professional Standard
1) Anton & Lena Kourkareko
2) Damien Koulouris & Olga Tsikalyuk
3) Ikaika Dowsett & Katya Afanaseva
4) Scott Dodson & Annica Menicutch
5) Mark & Andrea Nelson-Novak
6) Bill Bisko & Kaori Asano

Open Professional Rhythm
1) Felipe Telona Jr. & Carolina Orlovsky-Telona
2) Sean Tamashiro & Jennifer Suzuki
3) Patrik Gallineaux & Angie Major
4) Frederico Moreno & Darlene McKay
5) Bud Ayers & Melissa Lenon

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