Bachata Songs: An Index

Bachateras: Vanessa Gil, "La Vickiana" (who sometimes sings w/Luis Segura), & Valeria (who was promoted by Luis Vargas). Of the three, I like the style of Valeria's album, La Mujer, the best.
Thanks for the suggestions - I found a sample of Vanessa Gil on hotget, and I really like her voice!

and this lead me to learn about Sonia Silvestre:

and Clary Soto:

right now, I'm listening to Hermanita by Aventura, K.O.B. Live - such a sad, but beautiful song.


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I just heard a nice Bachata song on webradio. :D (Elvismen's Bachata channel)
It said
Dominicanada - My all (English version)
(I know Mariah Carey has a version of My all that is not Bachata)
My favourite bachatas:

Aventura - Cuando Volveras
Toque De Keda - Lamento Boliviano
Gerardo - Mi Unica Ilusion
Rubby Perez - Dos Soledades
Distrito Zero - Sabor A Menta
Raza Latina - Dime Tu
Frank Reyes - Princesa
All songs from ANTHONY SANTOS are classics and he's known to be the "public's" "father of bachata" - he made it commercially known around the world. + he's Aventura's inspiration.!!!!

Jaula de Oro - Anthony Santos
Corazón Culpable- Anthony Santos

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