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Nice. A good way to get closeness between dancers as they focus on keeping the apple from falling. The mouth to mouth that ended up happening was an interesting twist.
i agree, enjoyed the clip, shows such a different face of bachata that many dancers don't know or understand about the dance when they are first introduced to it. it may be the best dance for cultivating an intimate connection on the dance floor, save for AT.
Yeah, I absolutely agree Bachata is very sexy. It's a dance that many ones waiting for in a dance party (in VN). Because of sexy nature, the dancer feel more emotional in intimate connection but there's not many woman ready to dance in case, except she felt easy or trusted partner. Of course, there's an exception. So that, I think the male should sound out partner's attitude by connection first. If female accepted, she'd never mind, otherwise, forget to try again and dancing in a part connection :)


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A couple of weeks ago a Bachata demo was given by two instructors at the Friday dance though it has not been taught that I know of at any studios. Looks easy and want to give it a try. Ya think I should Pilgrim?

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