Back Spot Turn in American Viennese Waltz


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Is one measure of back spot turn permitted in bronze American Viennese waltz? I can't find anything that would disallow it in the NDCA rules, but spot turn combinations are listed as a silver element. That said, would one measure be a combination? Is it a grey area and if so how grey? Worth risking?


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I don't see how one measure could be considered a combo, but...

Meh, give it a try and see if they ding you.

Dr Dance

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Maybe not worth risking, but definitely worth asking. Your dance instructor/ coach, studio owner, or local adjudicator of the comp in question may be able to shed some light about whether or not back spots are permitted. And if they are okay, don't execute them in "line of dance." Go to the middle of the floor first with all of the fleckers.

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