For some reason, my balance has become really bad. I'm not sure if it is the high heels or if I'm doing something different with my muscles, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks in advance. :)


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Take a saw to your heels!
Seriously: practice in a pair of comfortable shoes till you are confident. Lots of pivots/ochos go for control rather than speed. exercise and stretch calf muscles as they may be unused to your new heel length.
Then go back onto your heels and practice on them - take two pairs of shoes when dancing so you can get used to the new ones a litttle at a time. Keep your legs straight with a very small bend in the knee. Stretch back with your foot whilst staying upright in the torso. Walk with a book or a cushion on your head. Exercise the abdominals especially the ones that help you twist. Lie on your back, knees up and let legs go side to side.
By this time you should be able to balance an eel on the end of your nose! :wink:

I'm going to invent a shoe with a telescopic heel so it can be adjusted to a varity of lengths.(Patent Pending)


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You know, it might not be a bad idea to compile a wish list for tango or ballroom shoes. The lindy hop community has basically done that, and there's a new line of shoes out there that meet their needs perfectly. Or at least, so many of them have said.


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And what line is this for lindy shoes? Isn't hepcat a lindy dancer?

I definitely would be interested in both the ballroom and tango lists, especially as quite a few people have said they use tango shoes for latin!!

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