Ballroom Competition Trainer - versatile practice app for iOS and Android

Ballroom Competition Trainer is a valuable tool for the dedicated Ballroom Dancer, who wishes to prepare for e.g. a competition final in the most realistic musical settings.

Without Ballroom Competition Trainer, preparing the proper music for training sessions can be difficult and tedious. You may be spending a lot of time in various music editing applications, trimming your songs to a given duration, and afterwards arranging them in a fixed playlist.

Worst of all: This means that you will often end up practicing to the same songs in the same order session after session. This again means that you will not be trained for a competition setting in which you don't know what music will be played.

Furthermore, this approach is inflexible. Imagine that for one session you might like to dance 1:30 minutes of each dance, but for the next session you would like to dance 2:00 minutes. You would probably need to redo the entire music editing procedure to construct a new playlist.

Ballroom Competition Trainer is completely on-the-fly configurable, and eliminates all these downsides of having to prepare your music.

App features include:

- 4 pre-defined sessions (Standard, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm)
- You can create your own custom sessions
- 20 pre-defined templates (19 WDSF dances and 1 generic pause)
- You can create your own custom templates to use as building blocks for your training sessions
- You can create your own custom sequence of dances, pauses and intervals
- Selection of overall dance duration, pause duration, interval duration and fade duration
- Optional selection of individual durations for each dance, pause and interval
- Optional randomization of dance and pause durations
- Optional sequence repetition to use for e.g. endurance training
- Connection of individual dances, pauses and intervals to playlists or individual songs in your device's music library
- Random selection of songs for each dance (no two practice sessions will be the same)
- Optional tempo control (MPM or BPM) to restrict the number of valid songs for individual dances or intervals (e.g. only Quicksteps at 52 MPM)
- Optional playback of sounds during the pauses (e.g. audience applause or dance announcements)
- Session Readout for review and management of your training session as it is being played
- In-app instructions, helping you through the initial app configuration

Once you have configured playlists or picked individual songs for each of your dances, all of the above features can be controlled on an ad-hoc basis, and adjusted within seconds during your training sessions. This enables you to focus on perfecting your dancing skills, rather than acting as a DJ.

For iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the app can be downloaded at the App Store. For Android devices, the app can be downloaded at Google Play.

If you wish to try it out, the app also exists in a Lite version, which is completely free, but offers only the most basic functionality.

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