Ballroom Dance Channel

A recent discovery:

Some of the features:

-Tony Dovolani & Elena showing Foxtrot Basics
-Interviews w/ Karina Smirnoff, Cheryl Burke, Maksim C, and others
-Various video clips discussing ballroom "politics", etc.

The site seems to be fairly new and still under development.


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interesting. dovolani & another guy on a video are talking about how they have their talk show on the site, and that they want to be able to talk about the politically sensitive stuff they weren't able to talk about before while they were still competing professionally... they want to be able to raise questions they were previously intimidated to raise before...

wonder what those things will be...?
Yeah I've already glanced at that web site before it was posted here, but I'm glad that you posted the link on this thread. It's a good site. I can't wait to see what else they will have on it. And I agree with you Samina. That stuff will be interesting to read. ;)
tony talked about it during elena and his showcase at a comp last weekend. He is the co-founder of the website. As far as what he said, the site is indeed still under construction and he welcomes any and all comments to be emailed to him. I believe there is an email address on the website.


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i checked it out the other day... there were a lot of additions since i last checked. some cute video chats... elena grinenko & cheryl burke have a girl-chat thing goin on there... ;)
One piece of advice - I wish Maksim C. would improve his delivery, I mean the way he talks. It's a problem with non-native speakers, and I admire his efforts, but he gets to the point sooooo slowly and in such a round-about way as to be irritating. He needs to practice speaking clearly and directly and succinctly, without sounding too stiff.
Otherwise, it's a great channel.
A Ballroom Dance channel would be awesome on basic cable! I know there are Ballroom TV shows out there, but it doesn't have its own channel. I hope it works. Would it work like ESPN or something like that?

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