Ballroom Dancing Scene vs. Bar & Club Scene


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True - it is a depressant. But go to a party or to a busy/fun bar, and I think in this context, it feels more like a source of fun than a depressant.
Well, I'm teetotal , and I have always derived my fun from just dancing. Ironically, my family had a liquor store, and I was co owner of a club that sold beer and wine !!..
When I first started dancing, I thought of it was a good way to meet women. Now, I kinda like the fact that dance communities have structure and rules. Not that I wouldn't date someone if we both fancied each other but I no longer go for that purpose.

Dancing is fun and there's a community of support and its sustainable because it's just platonic friendships for the most part. Also, as a guy who spent a lot of his 20s going to bars/clubs, I like how there's no pressure to "get the girl."

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