Ballroom dresses for very slim ladies


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I squeezed into it so others will too :) I might buy it actually, LOVE the fabric and movement and dress siluette on me.. :) like dresses that make me look slimmer :)

yes, When I said slim I mean slim.. As in people who can't find dresses that are small enough for them :)
well, most of them chest would be 32 MAX, waist 25 MAX and hips 35 MAX.. depending on which.. purple is slightly bigger.. 33 26 36 would work.. scarlet with black is smallest.. hips 34 max.

there is some variation there, but close to those sizes.. I mean small.. not just slim i.e. no fat.. small as in really small body construction, small ribcage etc... but if you want someting specific let me know.. I can tell you more details if you are intersted in particular dress. of if you pm me measurements I will tell you which one has a chance of fitting
I'm glad that you posted this. While the dress would fit, the chest area would not. So, the dresses wouldn't work. Oh well.


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I have few dresses for some very slim ladies out there.. they are from Katya and Snejana.. for size 0-4, and some for size 0... hight close to 5'5'' but +/- few inches... those are dresses for ladies who struggled to find something small enough.. here they come:

Price $1050

Price $1300

Price 1300

Price $1600
Any available katya's gown is now $1000


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Pink noe Katya wore at Ohio is sold..

katyas last gown available is the orange one with black stoning... she will have no more dresses.. she is currently with Dore


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Forgot to list the red dress before.. This is the last one from katya... it is unstoned. perfect condition... will get price posted soon but it will be under 1000. Its made of beautiful laces and satins.. I saw it on the floor and I have to Say its one of the nicest from katya.


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