Banning Same Sex Partners could be Illegal


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Women, even lesbians who primarily dance with women, dancing with men are not fighting the stigma men face when dancing with other men. I imagine it's a very rare occurrence to find a woman who finds it strange to dance with a man.


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Might be a cultural thing. I know scores of women, rejecting the very idea being lead by a man … and they are not even lesbians.


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“… submitting to a man’s will is treason to emancipation” so or similar is the line of thought. Especially tango is recognized as a suppression of the female by the diehard activists.

And yes, we do have a lot of intellectuals who seem to never have danced a step but keep thinking hard about all it’s possible political outcomes.


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I will concede I've never talked to a hard core feminist, so that's pretty far outside of my reality.
I'm pretty sure most hard core feminists wouldn't have a problem, to be honest. I've had people tell me I can't be a feminist and a follow, because I'm wearing makeup and wearing high heels etc etc. it's nonsense. I'm choosing to dance, therefore it's not anti-feminist. No one is forcing things on me.

Lui...I've experienced more acceptance and kindness from the LGBT community than I have from most other places. I'd just like to put that out there.


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I work as a dancer and have been working as magician for a time. My girlfriends teaches aspiring dressmakers and we live in Kreuzberg Berlin. At least half of my friends, colleagues, neighbors are part of some LGBT community. In my experience they are just as normal people as everybody else, with all the fault and greatness that come with being human. Considering that another part of our local population is of Islamic believe, it is astonishing that we get along that well. However, it works out, because everybody is minding their own happiness and not so much what they like the other people not to do.

That’s why I don’t like dogmatism and I don’t like self-proclaimed Paladins trying to dictate everybody’s life under the disguise of political correctness. At least here, I don’t see this tendency to originate from the heart of the LGBT community. It rather seems to be just another tool of certain political circles to support their influence.

In a really tolerant society there should be a place for all kind of competitions, also for one mixed-couples-only.


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I'm pretty sure most hard core feminists wouldn't have a problem, to be honest.
Agreed! While there are certainly an array of accompanying perspectives, at heart being a feminist simply means believing in the equal value and dignity of all people. By that measure (1) I'm definitely among the "hard core" group, and (2) think more people agree than realize that they too are, in fact, feminists.


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same sex legal in competitions?
[I did not read the original article yet, so upfront apologies for any redundancy...]

Some long while ago there was even lawsuit in the Netherlands on this topic!

If you are member in an association, you accepted the rules set in that association. If the rules state that a couple is mixed: that's it. In general the law is ok, as it protects associations (freedom of association).

If you're not a member, rules can be enforced, but should comply with general law. General law states that one is not allowed to discriminate based on gender. So, no difference between same-sex and mixed couples.

It's actually one of the major differences in the world of international ballroom dancing, WDC and WDSF: in the former one is not a member, but a 'customer' 'consuming' a competition. In the latter one is a member through a national body.
Hence, interestingly, WDC comps could be forced to include same-sex couples, WDSF not.

But hey: in practice there's dedicated comps and I am not sure inhowfar same-sex couples want to compete in mixed comps? Are they willing to challenge e.g. Blackpool?
In the Netherlands back then the couple was very talented and was looking for a competition they otherwise would hardly have.
I have only been in the world of ballroom and latin for a very short time but I know that it is super common in the uk at university and medalist competitions for females to sometimes have a female partner for the simple reason there are not enough male dance partners.

I have to travel an hour to get to a dance class as the one locally will not let me join as I do not have a partner. I have seen ladies dance together and in one instance both wore dresses but the follower had a more traditional dress while the other had a simple black dress


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I found an interesting blog post about this a few weeks ago. I would post a link, but I'm a new member and I'm not allowed yet. I will when that restriction is lifted. If I remember properly, the argument was about defining dance as a "sport" or an "art." If sport, then gender restrictions make sense. If art, then it's about creating something beautiful and in ballroom/Latin dance beauty is about the balance between "masculine" and "feminine" energies. Men or women can possess both or either of these "energies."


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I found an event that will offer some Same Sex events, and a woman who is willing to be my partner, so that I can test out my leading skills! Very, very happy!!!! Just for the record, for my part at least, competing as a Lady Lead isn't about any kind of agenda or PC statement or anything like that. I've been taking lessons and competing for a LONG time as a follow; but now I've been learning to lead, and I want to try it out at a competition, just like I try out the stuff that I learn as a follow. For me, it's about the DANCING – and I don't see why anyone else should find that objectionable.

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