Battle for Tango Dominance


Some of the best standard tango dancers of all time get together
to battle -- for tango dominance...

The Finalists:
Luca Baricchi & Loraine Baricchi
Augusto Schiavo & Caterina Arzenton
Massimo Giorgianni & Alessia Manfredini
Fabio Selmi & Simona Fancello
Timothy Howson & Joanne Bolton
Alan Shingler & Donna Shingler

Japan or Asian Open, help with the year & music
My guess is year 2000. My logic is - Augusto/Caterina won the World at end of 2000,and since then,Barrichis & Augusto/Caterina haven't gone head to head against each other. Japan or Asian Open would be in summer timeframe. So I think it's mid year 2000.


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Best of ALL time :?: -- would have to dis - agree .

It has moved into an era, where it is becoming a caricature of its self.

Majority, are starting to look as tho they are dancing F/Trot :confused:-- and please dont tell me its a " trend ".
Trends, should reflect improvement-- not departure .

Have seen them all == from Scrivener ,( the master ) thru Irvines, Gleave et al.
The " air " of mystery and non predictability, has all but disappeared.

There is no wonder, people are returning to Tango Argentino , which has more character in its basics, than the current interpretations, we see on a daily basis .
I like all the couples in this video, but what I didn't like:
- Timothy Howsen's triple head flick. I thought he was having some sort of an attack
- Too much posing and not enough dancing overall
- Check me on this one, but around 1:04 remaining I believe Luca steps out with a toe lead. If it is a heal lead, well, you tell me.

Angel HI

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I was going to take the coward's stand on this one, TT. I was going to post almost verbatim your and DM's comments, and chickened out.

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