Beautiful Black and Turquoise Ballgown for sale


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Beautiful black and turquoise gown made by REST Elegance. Made from Chrisanne and DSI fabrics, decorated with 40 gross of swarovski stones, comes with matching necklace, earrings and hair piece. Open back, bold, sexy design.

Made for measurements of 35" - 28" - 40", height 5'6". Should fit US sizes 4 - 8.

Only worn once for one round, excellent condition, like brand new.

$1900 USD



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I've actually worn it twice now, but I can't edit the original post anymore. And I plan to wear it again in NJ, which is why I will have it with me there if anyone wants to try it on. ;)

I do like it and have received a lot of compliments on it, but I have another dress that I like, and I could use the money. Plus this one is just a tad too big on me.


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I don't know who rated it (not exactly sure how to, though sur eI could figure it out), but definitely a love dress, Skwiggy. Never heard of REST (though that's my issue, not yours), but that's a great dress. someone will be very lucky to get this one. :)


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This dress is available for try-ons this weekend at DCDI.

Even though I mentioned in an earlier post wearing it 3 times, it has still only been worn twice since we ended up scratching the last competition.


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This dress has now been worn 3 times, so the price has been reduced to $1700 or best offer.

Thanks to CCP's wonderful photos at Big Apple, I now have some beautiful new photos at http:// THANKS CCP!!

I am attaching one here as well.

Enhancements have been made to the back and sleeves!!



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Doesn't surprise me. It truly is GORGEOUS! Would have snagged it myself except that I don't compete standard--though sometimes I think I would like to someday.

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