Beautiful Turquoise Standard Gown


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Hello all,

My absolutely beautiful turquoise standard gown from my avatar will be for sale officially starting at Nationals, but I thought I would advertise it early here since I like you all so much ;).

I designed the dress myself and have received tons of compliments on it (especially for the color). It is made from Chrisanne fabric and has over 20 gross flatback stones on it (Crystal AB and Light Sapphire AB) and approx 54-55 large sew on crystal AB stones. It has a faux weave pattern creating the straps and the detail on the front and back (I really don't know how best to describe it in words... the pictures should explain better). The skirts and floats are turquoise satin chiffon with light blue organza underskirts, creating nice depth. The color is a very rich, saturated blue and is extremely striking on the floor.

The dress is in great condition, having only been worn 4 times, and is not missing any stones. I can provide you with replacement stones (for the sew on stones as well as the light sapphire stones).

Dress is for sale for $1500. I am 5'8" without heels, though the dress can be easily altered to fit a shorter lady. Dress would best fit someone size 0-4 in pants (I am size 2 pant, size 4 dress)... The dress comes with matching clip-on earrings.

Please PM me if you are interested in arranging a try-on. Again, I need this dress through Nationals, but am looking to give it a new home after that. I will be posting more pictures of the dress as I find them. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like a closer look at and I can take a pic with my phone :)




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I think you danced at Eastern? and were getting ready at the same time as me!

Because I remember thinking what a great dress you were wearing! I don't dance standard, but think this is lovely. Good luck selling it!


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I found some full body pics of the dress from MIT.

There were a ton more, but I think this should suffice.. the rest are all on facebook. The skirt moves quite well.


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I just *finished* (kind of... one more small detail to do later) stoning my new dress, so I won't be wearing the blue one at Nationals (except maybe in the early rounds of pre-champ). I will still be bringing the dress to Nationals if you want to try it on.


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Thanks so much!!! The color is great.... it is my very favorite.

I hope it will find a new home because I always love seeing my dresses back on the floor.


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This dress has just been professionally cleaned so it is certifiably non smelly ;)

I will have it with me at Manhattan this weekend (friday night and Sunday), so if you want to try it on, let me know!!!


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Bump. This dress is still available. If anyone wants to try it on this weekend at Empire, let me know. I will be there on Sunday evening.

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