Before the Lesson starts

It is luxurious. I have about one hour from the time I leave work until my lesson starts. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to the studio. That leaves me a whole 30 minutes I can call my own. That is usually my only unobligated time in the day. I choose to spend it at the studio because that is my happy place. Even when I only watch, I feel it's time well spent. Occasionally, I feel like I should be doing something more "useful", but my dance limbo-time usually wins out.


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Basic warmup exercises are what I do. Basic cuban motion with both legs stationary, rumba walks, lock steps, jive kicks, samba voltas & wisks... only about 5-10 minutes worth, just to get some blood flowing. After that, I do stretches for another 5-10 minutes or so.


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At the moment, I have a practice period with a partner prior to my lesson (which is with another partner). That has helped me a lot, in terms of getting warmed up, and getting my mind off of work and other non-dance things
Warm up with connection exercises, as well as all of the standard material in my routines (smooth dancer here). It's the best way to get in touch with the partner and staying connected with her spine. We also like to watch our coach teach the lessons previous. Always entertaining!


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I need 20-30 minutes before a lesson to be ready to work - especially if I'm coming from the office, or it's winter. Today, it was both... so I warmed up in wool socks, pants, and a down vest over top of my long-sleeved leotard and dance tights.

I foam roll a few trouble spots, then have a mat-based warm-up that is based on physio and conditioning exercises that gets me loose and focused. Back, hips and ankles/feet mainly. If time allows, I'll then change into my skirt, put on my shoes, and go do some drills on the floor or review a few trouble spots from practice or my last lesson.
Jog and stretch. I live within walking distance from the studio and work from home, so I usually make my way there at a brisk pace followed by a quick stretch session. My legs are supremely inflexible so I make sure to take it slow and draw out each motion


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Yamuna Foot Wakers, then foam roller to do preliminary loosening, from ankles and shins to back all the way up to shoulders. Then Yamuna black balls to loosen deep tightness in lower back and hip joints. Yamuna silver ball-to-the-wall routine for back. Pearl ball to open front, shoulders, and neck. If I have time, face ball to ease up on tension in facial muscles. Also Yamuna In Bed for hip flexors and shoulders.


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Watch the previous lesson, walk through choreography if space available, some footwork exercises, chat with other instructors

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