Being "Grounded" In Your Dance

Vince A

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I did a search for the word "grounded," and although we mention it quite a bit, we do not go into it too much.

For those of you who know what the term "grounded" means . . . would you care to elaborate and give some good examples for our members that have not heard the term, nor do not know how to do it???


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Vince, I wonder if grounded to you is the same as working the floor is to me. Lindy hop: bounce DOWN not up, work off the floor. The floor is my friend; use it! Head can stay on the same plane while the lower body is bending and bouncing a lot.

Shoot, I want everyone to take lindy hop NOW! I understood these words with my head; very different from the understanding I'm developing through doing it with my body.
I've always taken grounded to mean that you have ulitmate control of your balance generally with a slightly lower center of gravity and thus you're also 'using the floor'

Vince A

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I think all of you have touched on it, and are in a way, "correct."

I have my definition . . . I'm trying to get some of the "new to dancing" members to get in on this - with no embarrassment. This is such an important 'thing' in our dancing . . .

Others??? Plus all you regulars can chime in on your thoughts . . . jon . . . SD . . . msc . . . Dm . . . . . . . . ???


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My former ( :cry: ) coach put it this way -- think beneath the floor. Meaning, even though you can literally dance only on the surface of the floor, feel connected to the layer beneath the floor. Then it's more likely you'll be grounded.

Vince A

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Yup . . . sending energy into the floor . . . and never be over your heels, but send it through the ball of the foot . . . and when you are grounded and sending your weight back, you are creating stretch followed momentum . . .

Cogito, ergo swing!
I not noly do swing, but break-dancing, (hints the b-girl in my name,....a b-girl is a girl that break dances and b-boy is a boy that does so), modern, lyrical, jazz,hipphop and tap. In most of these dancing you are connecting with the floor and workign off the floor. The floor is so musch your firen. I think of it as a nother person I am dancing with. It turn me , i have a connection with it and I feel it in a deep way when I am dancing. I like it when she said yuo go past the floor, go through the floor,- those are the words that were said to me when I was learning and getting a feel for everythign. -hope all my rambling helped
-amber d.


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I am actually quite ignorant, so it's good to know about "b-girl" and "b-boy". Thanks!! And so true about feeling the floor. I think that it helps people to do proper weight transfers. :) Otherwise beginners have a tendency to move only their feet and not their bodies.

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