Best and worst comment about your dancing


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One of my neighbors just watched my most recent comp video (which was recorded over mysteriously by someone in my house the next day) and told me I looked "hippy". Nice, eh??!!!

FYI - that's my *worst* comment!

My best was probably some nice compliments paid to me by one of Scullystwin's studio-mates at Hotlanta on my Rumba (which I find to be my worst dance). He actually said that I pulled off "the look of love" very well, which really made my day because that in particular is my weakest part of the dance.


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And for me:

Best - "You've got such a lot of talent, you were great out there and I was so proud of you." - my teacher on my first competition.

Worst - "I think you should dance Waltz instead!" - my teacher on my Foxtrot, oh dear!
Didn't get many 'worst' comments since I consider myself just starting, so I try to be constructive about any comments, but I still hate 'don't bounce' from my instructor.

Best: This girl asked if I was originally a dancer, but she couldn't dance so she probably can't judge.
Another comment I like is that I dance with 'sabor' . :)


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I barely remember Country Waltz and can only do the basic and her right turn. When a second one came on, my partner for the first one was recommending me highly to her friends. When I pointed out that I only knew two moves, she said in rebuttal to them: "He's a good lead. He keeps in time with the music. And he knows when to turn you." And then she gestured to them, "What more could you ask for?"

"You're so easy to follow. All I have to do is read your lips to know exactly what count you're on."
That was a couple years ago. Immediately after that I taught myself to count without moving my lips.
One of the worst comments I ever heard didn't happen to me.

At the annual Day of Dance a few years ago (set up to show newbie, never-danced-before people a few basics of several dances) a very hesitant leader rotated to me. He was surprised that he could dance so well with me because a "lady" prior to me in the rotation had told him he should "just give up and go home, because he wasn't any good" at dancing:shock: :mad:

You can bet I was giving him strokes to make up for her. He wasn't a bad leader, had just lost all of his confidence listening to her.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder where these people come from. I suspect she was of the refrigerator type mentioned in another thread....:twisted:
Worst - "You are dancing like a white girl." Said to me, a Jamaican, by my previous salsa teacher (noticed the word 'previous'?).

Best - "You don't have any bad habits" dancing hustle (said by a near pro hustle dancer after he danced with me. I've had other compliments, but that meant the most because my bad salsa habits are being pointed out.

One good one that went over my head at the time as a lady I've never met before telling me that she thought my salsa was great. I'd just danced to a song that was on acid - it was very fast. But, fun.


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I think the best comment that I've gotten about my dancing came from my Argentine tango teacher.

It happened on my second day of lessons. We were practicing just some basic steps (obviously, after only about 5 hours of lessons), and had just finished dancing to a particular tango. Unfortunately, I don't remember what song. I don't remember what caused the difference in me, but I know it was perhaps the first time I had let myself go and danced with my eyes closed. Not because I was told to, mind you, which happened frequently. I had just kind of "sunk into the music" (if that makes any sort of sens) and only realized that I had closed my eyes when the song ended, and i had to open them again.

Afterwards, my teacher looked at me kind of funny, and said he felt that I had really danced. Not just stepped to the music, and just basic steps and movments that weren't refined yet, but he felt actual dancing and emotion and connection. And then, he went on to say that he'd never before had a student who he felt understood the music and danced on the second day.

So, there it is. The nicest comment I've ever gotten. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. Actually, I've never told anyone about that comment before--it's like to say it out loud is to make it not real. Yeah, sure, sure...I suppose it could be (probably was? for those cynics out there, including myself) pretty words to make a student happy. But it made me think, and hope just a bit, that maybe I'm actually good at something. That maybe I don't completely suck at dancing...

Eh, who knows? Maybe some large grains of salt are in order. But it's a nice memory...
The Best: "You dance really good!". It was said by a very pretty girl in a school dance (I was like 12 years old). It is just stucked in my memory.
Then at age 18 or so I started taking lessons...

The Worst: The woman I was dancing with complaining to the teacher because I coudnt lead properly (It was my second class).
I hate people who dont remember they were once new at dancing...
Peaches, that's a good one. And I bet it was genuine, since you had lost yourself in the music. It's the times that I'm able to do that, that the tango really feels on.

Sadly, as a leader I can't keep my eyes closed during the entire song, but I do try to close them as often as I can. :)


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Good comment: From my teacher, pretty angry: "People would kill to be able to do what you can do effortlessly! Everybody says you're doing great and progressing so nicely!" Not sure if that was a good one, but it did have a good aspect.
Bad comment: "You are too tense!" This they tell me all the time.

Oh heck, I can't think of any good or bad comments. I just forget most of them.

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Being a cheeky charlie, I compliment people back handedly, in a nice way and appropriate to the person (I hope).

One of my 'compliments' is (when dancing standard):
I love it when a girl opens her legs for me.

I don't insult, at least not to their faces.

I often get asked 'Are you an instructor?'

Not too sure why that same comment (I don't instruct in public venues), why not 'Are you a professional, or are you a competitor?). I wonder what the difference is?

I'm on D-spot and I ain't moving.
I was at a Birthday celebration at a club, not a hard core Salsa dancer club, but I danced with a couple of my friends. I guess I'm an improving beginner, sort of... Nothing great.

Sometime later we were just standing around listening to the music, and I notice this girl I didn't know was looking this way and smiling. And I thought, "Are you looking at me?" :oops: as she was quite cute. After a bit she comes over and says, "Let's dance! I know you can dance." It is quite uncommon here in PR for ladies to ask guys they don't know for a dance. So, it was something special. Yes!

We dance a couple of songs and we talk a bit "What's your name? Come here often?" That kind of stuff. Then she says "Let's dance this one." So we do. As we dance, I notice there's another cute girl at a table with her girlfriends looking at us dance. So I think, "Hey! Must be looking alright".

After this dance, I'm at the bar talking to this new friend, and the girl from the table walks up to my new friend and says "You were dancing pretty well out there!"
- "It's all my partner. With this partner, how can you go wrong!.
"Me?", I thought. I was elated :banana: , but I figure these girls know each other and they're just chatting it up...
Then the girl from the table says to the other one "Do you mind if I borrow him for a while?' :shock:
- "No, go ahead..."
And she takes my hand and we go dance...
So, this second girl came over from her table, without knowing either of us and found an elegant way to steal me away for a dance. That made my night, week...
I thought, "Am I glad I took lessons!"

I guess my dance goal is to have that happen someday at a club with really good dancers... In the mean time, cute ones are good no matter how they dance. :D

Regarding bad experiences, I haven't many probably because I don't put myself in those positions. I'll dance mostly with friends. If I don't know them I have checked beforehand if they're not too far above my level so they wouldn't be disappointed.

A comment that makes feel bad, nevertheless, is "You have to follow the music". This coming from someone who is Latin but has no idea what the 1, the 2 or the 3 are...

It happens if I try to lead them On 2. They can only try On 1 or On 3, and can't follow On 2. After a minute or so I give up on them and just go On 1. Then, after the song is over they look at me and tell me "you have to follow the music", when they have no idea what is going on. It makes me fume because it looks like I'm the one who's lost and at the same time I don't want to tell this girl she's the one who is oblivious.

In a similar situation I had this other girl tell me at the end "You can't look at your feet. That's one of the first things my teacher told us". I'm thinking, "I'm looking at your feet because you're going off beat and I have to see what the hell you're doing so I can sync up with you!"

Oh, well! Such is life...
Best: Ussually more of a feeling than incredible words. One time I was dancing with my instructor, and he was networking (a bunch of young girls were right in front of us) so he was really showing me off like "See how cool my student is??? You can be this cool if you take lessons from me!"
During that dance, I pulled out a syncopation that he didnt teach me (thats kinda rare) And he goes "Now thats what Im talking about!!!" And I got a big hug afterwards :::)))).

One of the worst thigns said about my dancing, that I can remember, was said earlier that day by the same teacher. "Do you have ANY syncopations?" Coupled with a look of distress. I didnt take it as an insult than, and I dont now. Its just something that I need to work on. Plus, I like that teacher waaayyy too much to take anything he says harshly.

Also, a kinda funny one, same teacher had been telling me I needed to learn a new form of dance. I was talking to an advanced dancer later about that, and she goes "Oh, so your the girl (instructor x) was talking about! We just had a conversation about you, but in the form of 'one of my students'"
I didnt really take that as a compliment or insult, just funny, since I didnt actually hear the conversation!
itorres said:
In a similar situation I had this other girl tell me at the end "You can't look at your feet. That's one of the first things my teacher told us". I'm thinking, "I'm looking at your feet because you're going off beat and I have to see what the hell you're doing so I can sync up with you!"
:lol: :lol:
yesterday: "you should register that body with the police department!"

whether that's the best or worst comment is, i suppose, up for debate.
I told a friend I was just starting to learn milonga... her response after a few dances:

There were some good parts. It's just that there were breaks in between.


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