Best ballroom dance ever!!


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I've seen this before; don't remember if it was here. I have a number of things to say.

They dance very well and put on a good show. Being this good this young could mean they'll be really good when they get older. I hope that their training is consistent with their age and isn't messing them up emotionally. The choreography goes further into the sexualization of children than I'm comfortable with. And with all the pulling up she does of her top, she shows why strapless tops don't work for dancers, whatever the age.


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i'm uncomfortable watching because, unless these kids are far older than they look, i wonder what methods of persuasion enabled that kind of training & expression to find its way into their bodies & beings so young.

call me cynical but...i don't enjoy seeing rigorously trained young children because what is so often behind the training is not wholesome. this smacks of adults showing what they can get kids to do...and look happy doing it.


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Valid points...though I didn't think of that...I was completely smitten by the dancing...though your points are valid.


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whoever is doing the filming should never pick up a camera again. i seriously got motion sick watching the jive. felt like i was watching the blair witch project about dance.

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