Best Ballroom Dance Movies

I just got done watching Dirty Dancing (my all-time favorite movie) for the ten millionth time, so I thought it would be fun to start a thread of everyone's favorite ballroom dance post away! Tell us what your favorite scene is, too :D Here's my list...

1. Dirty Dancing - I absolutely love the entire movie, but my favorite scene is at the end when Johnny and Baby perform at Kellerman's show :D "Nobody puts Baby in the corner..."

2. Strictly Ballroom - the scene where Fran's dad and grandma teach her and Scott how to Paso Doble

3. Dance with Me - the scene at the salsa club where Raphael shows Ruby how to dance "his way"


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Dance movies are notoriously bad movies. Most of them leave me inspired by the dance scenes but wondering how such a great subject could have been so badly interpreted. My wife and I decided to take all the best dance scenes and put them together in our own edited compilation movie. I'll let you know how that turns out when we're done. I know it will be more watchable than most of the movies we're using!

However, there are a few that actually are worthy as motion pictures.

My favorites:

  • Shall We Dance, a Japanese movie with English subtitles that is about to be re-released as a new production with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. J. Lo actually used my dance studio for training and we happened to be there getting a private lesson one day when she was working on her own training. I don't know how the American version will turn out but the Japanese movie is a delightful classic and can be watched repeatedly for its story value alone. Hard to pick a favorite scene because the whole story is so charming.

    Strictly Ballroom, superb story and beautifully put together by Baz Luhrman. Unlike most dance movies, this one actually has lots of dancing. Favorite scenes: a toss up between the Paso Doble lesson (I love the ending with the train moving in the background), and the impromptu Rhumba scene behind the curtain with "Perhaps, Perhaps" playing. Incredible piece of storytelling, brilliantly directed and edited.

    Center Stage, about a girl finding her groove as a ballet dancer by loosening up with some street dancing (that scene is powerful). Well made and quite watchable.

    Staying Alive, the sequel to that awful "Saturday Night Fever" is less dreary and has plenty of dancing. A bit cheesy but chalk that up to the decade it was produced.

    Dirty Dancing, which has much less dancing than I would like, especially given the title, but at least it does a good job of representing the appeal of dance. Pretty watchable story.

Most of the others have left me disappointed, though there are many with some great dance sequences in them.
Best Ballroom Dancing movies out there?

What are your favorite ballroom dancing movies/ movies featuring ballroom dancing? Everyone knows about Mad Hot Ballroom, but I just saw Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School and totally loved it. Great ballroom dancing scene, great story, great acting, great movie all around.
I enjoy Strictly Ballroom and the orginal Japanese version of "Shall We Dance." I enjoyed Richard gere in the remake, but I just can't stomach J Lo.
africana said:
awesome :) tho i think just watching antonio will be enough :p
Speaking of Antonio, he said on TV(I think it was Extra)
that if Dancing with the Stars asked him to be a
contestant he would turn it down.
I love the movie Strictly Ballroom and I also enjoyed Dance With Me starring Cheyenne and Vanessa Williams. Shall We Dance with Richard Gere was pretty good but I'm not a big fan of J. Lo in the movie.
Can't wait for Take the Lead! My studio is going on opening night so should be fun times! :)
Katarzyna said:
He's too big of a celebrity and has too much reputation to risk it on reality tv
I think that's half the fun of DWTS. I don't want to se jennifer anniston out there, but i'd tune in to see, say, Soleil Moonfrye (Punky Brewster).
Guess Im one of the few that actually like J Lo in, Shall we Dance ;) But overall that's a movie I could watch over and over. The soundtrack has some great music to dance too in practice too.
Strictly Ballroom and Japanese version of Shall We Dance were my favorites. English Shall We Dance was pretty good, but I liked the Japanese version better.

We will have to get the one you mentioned and see what that is like.


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Ballroom Movies?

What are some of the movies that have ballroom dancing? I know the obvious ones: Dance With Me, Shall We Dance.....others????

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