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For ballroom shoes there seems to be at least two types of buyers. The more expensive shoes come from companies like Ray Rose, Paul, Dance Naturals, Supadance, and International. Then I know companies like Very Fine, Stephanie, and Celebrity seem to offer less expensive models.

But recently I noticed over on Showtime’s site they have some “Supadance Club” shoes for $89, and even had them on sale. I haven’t tried them or talked to anyone that tried them, so no idea how they are different from “normal” Supadance.

Overall it seems there is competition for the lower priced shoes, and companies like Very Fine have had an impact on the market. I have not tried those either, but I have talked to people who mostly told me they didn’t hold up too well. Maybe some models do?

So just curious your thoughts about cheap ballroom shoes.

(I probably should state I once worked for Showtime!) :)


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I tried Very Fine at one point - one of their higher-end range latin shoes. I'd say they're absolutely fine for social or recreational dancers, but didn't hold up to the demand I put on my shoes.

I've heard a number of people recommend BdDance - though from a quick Google, it looks like their prices have increased and there is no longer a significant difference with the major companies.
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I wear SoulDancer court shoes for competition, and I'm happy with them. That said, I don't have a great base for comparison; my first court shoes ever were Supadance, and I like the SoulDancers better than those, but as a new dancer I don't think I got the fit right on the Supadance pair. And I can't really speak to structural longevity, since I wear higher-end practice shoes most of the time and the court shoes pretty much only for competition. I retire the comp shoes to backup status based on appearance, which goes faster than structure. But since that's typically going to be true for any satin shoe, and my practice shoes are always going to be better for my feet than any court shoe, I'm quite happy to pay half as much as "normal" for comp shoes that work for me.

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I had a poor experience with Very Fine (standard/ smooth) shoes. After wearing them for two weeks (about six outings), they literally fell apart. Moderately priced Freed shoes have been decent to good for me.


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My first ones were soul dancer. They were great to get started with. Over time as I've gotten older and more advanced, I'm finding I prefer a shoe with more support, so currently wearing Supadance. I found Dance Naturals great but needed to add ball of foot cushioning and arch support.
I've had great success on unbranded shoes from Eastern Europe or China found on AliExpress. I usually just read the reviews for durability, quality, comfort, and sizing. At $15-$30 per pair, its totally affordable for me to simply buy a new pair every year or so. Both my practice pairs and my one competition pair are all from this website from varying vendors and have served me really well. Most vendors have return and refund policies as well!


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When I first started dancing the studio sold Very Fine, so I started with those. They didn't hold up very well as I started dancing more often. Moved on to Supadance, and they fit great, and hold up much better. Because I have been wearing the same shoes for a while I get them directly from the website and they really aren't much more in price that the Very Fine.

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