Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing


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At yesterday evening's practice party, while helping a new student (at his request) with cha cha UAT, I was saying that you need to raise the follow's arm with enough notice that it's not a last minute surprise with a nano-second to suddenly make the turn.

Me: "Because no one, at least here*, can move that fast."
Him: "Oh, I've seen you move fast."

Ha ha, that felt good. :D

*i.e. I'm sure there are some world champion pros who could, but they are not here.


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From visiting coach, on hearing that no, I don't have a ballet background: "So why are you so flexible? And you have the carriage of a dancer!"

Same day, from a pro that I've recently started working with: "You're athletic in a very good way -- you make me work! I've never seen someone progress so fast. You scare me..."


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So, I did a local comp on the weekend. More than one person told me that when my pro dances with me, he does not hold back, he really dances. That makes me happy. I'm not at all sure I know what it means, but I'll take it.
It means that he doesn't "dance down" when he's with you. It's an enormous compliment.
I got two nice compliments recently when I ventured out to a different studio. It was an intermediate salsa course and there were only two students. The other student said to me "he's a good lead and I didn't even have to think". It was funny because the instructor (who told me she was new) couldn't make her turn the first time yet I did it naturally.

While at a social, a couple said "you're really good, how long have you been taking lessons?" I just answered but I told them I was only learning bachata for about 3-4 months and rotate with my other dances.

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So, I see I posted in this thread once before, (but not about this) and since I'm in a dance slump...

"That was the best led nite club two step I've ever danced," she said - twice.

(note - That was LAST week.)
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Well I've been experimenting with different studios recently. I took an advanced salsa class recently and got a compliment saying "awesome lead" from a couple of ladies who said they didn't even know what they were doing and ended up in the right place. One of them even said "how did I end up here?"

She meant it in a good way because she didn't even know the steps.


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Pro has now told me on three different occasions that I feel good to dance with--that being in frame with me is comfortable, that he likes how his body feels when he is dancing with me. (Despite the gazillion million corrections!!!) I actual believe that he's sincere since he has mentioned it more than once over the years and in very different contexts.

Another student to pro, "Oh, shoot!! You were going to teach me steps 9 and 10 today. We didn't get to them!"
Me: "if it makes you feel better, I never learned a lot of the Bronze steps."*
Pro:"What she did instead was learn how to DANCE!"

[*A lot of the later FADS steps at each level are allowed under NDCA; since I have been competing NDCA as well as FADS, we just skipped those.]


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On a recent trip managed to get in a dance with a very good follow and enjoyed her semi-surprised “you’re so easy to follow!” as we had a great dance.

The best, however, was probably my first dance partner of the trip. I was beyond flattered to have finished our first dance to “Who are you? Where did you come from? We need more of you!” and our next to “You could move here and I don’t think anyone would be complaining.” :D

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