Best Salsa Clubs In Your Area.

Here in Singapore, there's only one popular hangout known as Union Square. It's located next to Amara Hotel, 2nd Floor. Opens everyday except sunday.

Salsa starts from 9pm. Mondays to thursdays close at 12.30am, 2am on fridays and 3am on saturdays.

There is a live latin band at Brix every sunday night, located at Hyatt Hotel basement and Harry's every monday night, located at Esplanade. Most are drinkers than dancers...

Another salsa place known as Xen bar... honestly, it's a dead town and would not recommand any visitors to go there.


Another new club has just opened, ACTFA. Located along modhammaded sultan road. Same as Xenbar, quite a dead town unless you have organised to go there in a big group.
starry said:
I am going to be in Paris the first weekend in April, so come on folks from France, help a girl out and tell me where to go dancing !!
Have a look at the "Salsa clubs/instructors in Paris?" topic, I intend to put there a list of Some Salsa Instructors in Paris and a list of Some Salsa Clubs and Parties in Paris, meanwhile there is now the english section of the Salsa France web site.
Remember that in Paris you can learn and dance many salsa dances (Cuban Casino, cross-body-lead slotted salsa (LA or P2 or ET2) (even On Clave with Felipe Polanco), Columbian salsa) so you can better be targeted if you specify the wished type(s) of salsa.
salsa clubs in Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico in Jan 2004, so i don't know how much help this is, but I went to two clubs :

La Habana - 301 Ave. Roberto H Todd 787-722-1919 is the latest number I can find in the internet.

this nice little club in santurce. I did go to this club, it is a small one, but it had a live band. For me personally, when I went, I was a beginner, and I got shot down brutally, so I don't have good memories, but it is a very popular club. Good dancers, but a small floor. I've heard some really big bands perform in this club..

La Rumba - 152 Calle San Sebastian
Old San Juan

this was a rocking place in old san juan. its like a pub, but it had this great salsa band. it has a great interior, very cool, it has an atmosphere that makes you want to dance. I enjoyed that one. ironically, here i had some real fun dances, people were real cool. i would definitely go back here.
Suprisingly enough in Okinawa, Japan their are over 20 Salsa Venues!!

Salsatina is the most lively. The cover is $3.00 and it is open 6 days of the week. Friday and Saturdays are the most thriving nights.

Latin Soul also has a decent following. There is usually no cover nd the music is very good.

For more information lists many of the happenings on this island.
Salsa in Nairobi - Kenya


I am not a Kenyan but I have been in Nairobi for a while and can sum up the salsa scenes here. Am very sorry for not pointing out only the "best" club, because salsa in Nairobi is still new and need "talents"..

K1 club (in Parkland). This club is a bar/restaurant with a funny and small area for dancing salsa (around 8 couples). Free dance "lesson" (left, right, forward, backward, turn) from 7pm to 9pm. After that salsa dance till 1am, can see here 3-4 average and "natural" Cuban styled male dancers. No entrance fee
Intercontinental Hotel (in town): This bar of the hotel is called "Safari bar". Live salsa band. Tiled floor, better than other venues. Dim light, not very good crowd, mainly tourists who sit, watch, drink beer. On Wednesday it is not very popular, first of all because it is ..weekday and secondly because most salsa dancers here are kenyan students who has to go to college next days. Time: 9pm-1am, free entrance but if you don't buy drink they will not like it!!!

Pavement (Westland) MOST popular salsa night for expatriates and Kenyan salsa dancers. Live band (same band as in Intercontinental hotel), very bad and small dancefloor but extremely good atmosphere. This is a restaurant and a bar, lots of non-dancers but many good dancers come here. The band starts playing at 10.30pm until 2am. No entrance fee


Intercontinental Hotel again. This time a lot more good dancers and watchers!!! Most Kenyan salsa dancers will come here to dance on Friday. Band starts playing at 9pm until 1am.


Serena Hotel (in town) with another salsa band, good dance floor, good setting. Mainly salsa dancers turn up, some expatriate watchers. The band starts playing at 9pm until 1am. No entrance fee


4-6pm: salsa class for beginner and intermediate at Club Sound (next to Hooter club, in town) by Kenyan instructors

6pm-9pm: salsa dance with DJ. I have to say this is the best night because only serious salsa dancers come here.., very good floor and setting, good atmosphere. The expatriates havenot heard of this place. This is a perfect place to meet and get to know Kenyan salsa dancers.

Salsa dance in Hanoi - Vietnam

In Hanoi (where I am from), there is so far only 1 place with salsa dancing:

Saturday night:
Sheraton Hotel (West Lake area)
7pm - 8pm basic lesson for beginner
8pm till mid night: salsa dancing

Some expatriate dancers, many vietnamese dancers who are actually from ballroom background. The scene is young and desperately needs salseras and salseros visitors!!!

pygmalion said:
How do the ballroom and salsa people mix? Okay? 8)
Nice question!

First there were some expatriates who brought salsa to Hanoi, it was 2 years ago. Some Vietnameses started learning salsa and became "natural" dancers.. By "natural" I mean beside basic steps and movement they don't add styling or shines or complicate dip, drops... Ballroom dancers heard about salsa but they never actually experienced it, started to get curious and came to join. As I said the salsa scene here is very young and pp here just teach each other, so far there has not been a serious class or anything like that. Male ballroom dancers has better hip movement than non-ballroom dancers (feel sad but in VN we dont move the hips at all.. forgetting about move it well).., female ballroom dancers in contrast move less lively and smoothly compared to female non-ballroom dancers.. So you will see: male ballroom dancers dance with female "natural" dancers...

And it has been a year I am away from Hanoi.. Hopefully this September when I am back there will be progress!!!

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