Big Fish in a Small Pond

Have you ever decided to go to a smaller venue to you could be a Big Fish in a Small Pond. I hope it doesn't sound bad, but sometimes I enjoy going to a guest party or a small studio and dancing. It's always fun being the star. Am I crazy?

On the other hand, if I go to a large competition, it's easy to feel like I'm just a number. Sure, I'd love to be the star their, too! But somehow I'm not sure if I'll ever reach that point.

It's kinda nice to have people come up to you and say, "Wow, you are so awesome!" And then I get to say, "Well, golly gee, thanks!" :D
I would have to agree.

It's fun to go to big events and learn from challenged and pushed to your limits.

It is equally as fun to go to a smaller event and receive compliments and additional encouragement for a job well done.

The key is to have a well balanced mix of both.
That a good point. If everybody tells you you're great in the small pond for long time and then venture out to the big pond, you're probably in for a shock. :eek:


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I know exactly what you mean! Here in the Denver area I am one of the better dancers on the scene. When I go out to LA for my reality checks I find out how much work I have yet to do.


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I think I live this dichotomy almost daily. Take my Denmark trip for example... asked to demonstrate for the advanced salsa lesson at Showboat but also doing research at ÅS, the home club of 2 of 6 current world amateur Latin finalists, 1 of 6 current world amateur Ballroom finalists, and 1 of 6 current 10-dance finalists.

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