"Big ole gals" and dancesport.

I love this place!!!!!

Hola a todos!! Hey everybody!!

I must say that I am so happy to find you guys (fellow big people dancing salsa not at my school)... though at my school there are several big girls and 1 or 2 big guys, when I go to the club, the majority are twigs... and I am a really big girl, super busty and everything... oh bueno back to my purpose for writing... Can you suggest some brands or styles of shoes that would be good for a big girl like myself? I can't wear dancesneakers everywhere... though I would like to... they are so comfortable... and they give good support...

ALSO... is there anybody from philly who is looking for a dancer partner to practice on a regular basis?

Sending much big girl love from Philly!!!
Salserakonsabor@yahoo.com :D :wink:

PD. Hablo espanol si quieres que te mande una traduccion.../Falo portuguese si quiser lhe mande uma traducao...
Tasche is right. If the goal is to lose weight, it won't necessiarily make you feel better about yourself. But being more active and eating better can make you feel physically better and enhance your waking hours.

To me, what Tasche is saying is, if I don't feel good about myself because of my weight, then I am not giving myself any credit for any other aspect of my life. Then my life is summed up when I get on the scale. No way should we let the scale dictate how we feel.

And dancing is having fun, and if that is happening, weight doesn't matter.

This may be another thread though, but in high levels of competition, your appearance is a factor. Some have said that judges think if you practiced more you wouldn't have a weight problem, some might just think you'd have better balance and dance stronger. But I have seen some ladies in Pro/Am that dance beautifully but were quite a bit bigger than Ruthie Perkins. One stands out in my mind and the judges couldn't deny she was a great dancer and marked her very high. BTW, she was a very beautiful lady and projected a very positive disposition. I bet she thinks of her weight, but doesn't let it determine her self image.


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Welcome to df salserakonsabor! laurab is one of those from philadelphia, I believe. She might be able to offer some advice of places to look. I myself am in NY state. The dance partner that I do salsa privates actually actually is a "big boned" gal.

Do I understand that you speak Portuguese?
Welcome Salsera!

I'm not a salsera yet, but I think I might be hooked anyways. That or I just like to say the word CLAVE.

I'm ordering a book to help me out until I can get lessons:-D Nice folks around here, they even allow rednecks like moi! LOL

Hablo poquito espanol, porque tengo dos caballos colombianos. :-D
Welcome Salserakonsabor!
You can look for threads on dance shoes- there are PLENTY- where forum members give good advice on how to buy, where to buy & how to choose what's best for you! (I live in Japan where everyone's like a size 6, so I just order online. The company I ordered from, Elegance, suggested ordering 1/2 size smaller than my street shoe as the shoes are 100% leather and stretch considerably after use. The advice was great and all six pairs of the latin shoes I have ordered fit well!) Good luck! :D
Ok, since I know I'll never meet any of you to hear your cackles, I present to you my online photo album. Yes, I'm the big dummy with the balled-up red hair, no, I'm NOT the white one on the bottom in the pictures :p

Bear in mind I don't always dress like a slob. Is there anything to do with this sort of figure? What kind of clothes do you suggest, pants or something very billowy and roll-concealing? I think I have found a place that might try to edgeekate me in the lacivious ways of salsery.

Give me anything I need to change and I will. The hairs really long, and I know that according to actual ballroom, if you wear your hair down, it shouldn't stop moving long after you do- and as it's past my butt, it stays up or it'll grab and trap someone.


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