Bizarro Teacher: Good, Bad and Ugly


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According to Merriam-Webster:
fun usually implies laughter or gaiety but may imply merely a lack of serious or ulterior purpose <played cards just for fun

i'm reminded of some of the most fun i've had dancing... when i had a much older & more experienced ballroom dancer as a new amateur partner, and we'd spend a VERY intense 3 hours in the studio where he'd download his knowledge & choreography to me thru gold level into pre-champ... champ... pro figures... just dancing, dancing, dancing. it was so intense, with a very clear purpose... and at the end of the evening we were as giddy as kids on christmas! time after time, we remarked how much FUN we had together! it was truly, wildly fun!

to me, "fun" is any activity that makes you forget about everything but the activity itself, and which fills you with delight... must strike resonance with a deeply personal chord, something that makes you feel more "you" than you normally feel, and completely ALIVE.

those are the things that leave me feeling like i've just had breathless fun! :D


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One thing that occurred to me, it's a weird idea, but has anyone ever tried to run a "fixed-fee" class?

That is, a class where the teacher says something like "The class will cost $100", and that cost is divided evenly between the students? So if only 4 turned up, they'd get a lot of personal tuition at $25 each - but if 20 turned up, they'd get great value-for-money for $5 each.

It's probably a silly idea, but has it ever been tried?
my pro has run groups that way as long as i've known him -- he splits his hourly amongst the attendees...

now that he's got a studio, am sure he'll do it differently. but it worked fine everytime i participated in that arrangement...


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Having worked in every capacity in my profession. the principle idea , does not always work in practice .

A great deal depends on several aspects, coming together.

Most long serving teachers, will quickly attest, that in group situations, there is little loyalty , over an extended period . This holds particularly true, in the salsa genre.

The ballroom groups, tend to have much more stability .

Therein lies the very reason, why pre registration, eliminates those problems of " No shows " , before they arise .

It also enables me to make a decision, before I commit to a venue ,and or, a class .


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More Humpty-Dumptyism:so if you want "fun" to mean any kind of pleasure or enjoyment that's fine, but owners of Fun Fairs made need to consult the Sales of Goods & Services Act to ensure that they provide ALL and every kind of fun.

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone. "It means just what I choose it to mean - neither more or less."

I very rarely have fun dancing at milongas. Or even enjoyable dance.My fun and enjoyment comes from the social side but every so often Iwill dance with someone who feels the music and they may be very seriousor they may be light hearted and playful but either way what makes it fun is dancing to the MUSIC. otherwise it's a bit boring and crappy- something you have to suffer through to justify the pretty shoes and practice techique.

Actually, at the moment I don't like tango.Ilike milonga and sometimes I like vals but that's it. Bah! let's start a milonga milonga where everyoneonly does milonga!
psmy keybard if weird soexcuse the typing.
I certainly hope that you do not continue to validate MB by actually paying him and attending his classes.

Not everyone that can dance can teach. They are entirely different skills. A class can be so wonderful when the teacher is good, and as you have obviously found out the hard way, so horrible when the teacher is not.
One of my pet peeves is someone that does not respect my time. Do not schedule a class to start at one time when you really mean it to start 15 minutes later. I am not a child. I will be there on time and expect the person I am paying to teach me to be there also and starting on time. My time is worth more than anything, do not rob me of it.

Belittling a student is totally unacceptable. This person should not be teaching, and if students just stopped attending the classes that is exactly what would happen. Do relate your experience to the teacher that referred you, they should not be sending students to this teacher as this "teacher" will certainly drive away more students than they help to bring to tango.
I certainly hope that you do not continue to validate MB by actually paying him and attending his classes.
Thanks for your comments and I agree with you. Of course I won't go back to that teacher - once was enough for me. I'm not a glutton for punishment. Also, I am making sure to tell others about my bad experience, so they are warned not to use that teacher.

I talked to another tango friend that I respect and asked him for teacher recommendations. I'll be trying out the new lessons next week and I hope it goes well.

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