Blackpool Photos! 2006!


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Sorry for the delay, but had to finish up my Ph.D. last week! :wink:

Anyway, over 400 photos from Day 4 are now posted, with Days 5-8 still to come! :D

Vince A

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Nice, very nice . . . say, in the opening of your website . . . the wedding picture . . . is that "what's her name?"

Oh . . . and "Mazel'tov."


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Wow, it makes the dancer's body just look like abstract art.

(But I suppose there are many ways of looking at this picture!)
you know, i didn't say that to be snide, but sometimes i get Latin Grimace OVERLOAD when i'm looking at those photos. (or the Standard version, which is called The More I Float My Eyebrows Up, The More You're Supposed to Think This is Effortless.)


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I know you weren't being snide, and I totally understand what you mean about dancesport facial overload. It's one of those things that if one takes oneself back to the time one was an "outsider" to the activity, and look at it, one can realize how totally ridiculous it all can come across at times. Who shellacks their hair in real life? I've not even seen ballet dancers with as glued-down hair as on dancesport competitors. People seem to get through their dances on "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" with a lot more current- and natural- looking hair and makeup styles that are still interesting and style-approropriate. So I'm left wondering...WHY? Okay, Blackpool is a massive floor, so dancers need to be more theatrical. But it's *always* like this, it's the expected standard of grooming, and it's just plain weird sometimes if you aren't used to looking at it.

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