Blue Gown, Designs To Shine

Designs to Shine dress, designed personally by Maria
McGill. Made less than a year ago.

Amazing quality of making, very detailed decoration,
necklace. Very noticeable on the floor.
Skirt and floats made of heavy shaded chiffon (colors
from very light sky-blue to teal) that never wrinkles.
Excellent movement of the skirt. The bodysuit is
stretchy and very comfortable.

impeccable condition.

for a lady size 0-6, height 5'0" - 5'4".



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Why are they listing is as a size 4-6? Surely that's not really its size, is it?

I usually don't like DTS dresses because they are too-over-the-top for my tastes but this one is simple, elegant and very pretty:)
From what I've seen, Designs to Shine dresses are much nicer on a person than they are on a dummy or hanger. And their designs ALWAYS stand out on the floor. Some dresses might be over the top for a syllabus dancer, but Designs to Shine dresses a lot of pros, and for pros it is a good thing to stand out.
It's quite gorgeous, Kitty. Is this the one you got from the "win" last year at Harvard?
well, 2 years ago I won a $3500 voucher to Designs to Shine, and then it took me a year to order the dress (I changed partner in between) .. so 1 year ago they custom made this dress for me, personally desinged by Maria McGill!

Thanks for all the compliments, I love it! it is very flattering for the figure, men are drooling when I wear this one! lol

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