Blue Randall Latin for Sale - $725


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I bought this fairly recently and it just didn't work out for my psychotic self. My partner says it looks FINE but I'm just too self-conscious about anything that draws attention to my lack of torso length.

Here is what it looks like on a person:

{image link not working}

I think this picture more accurately represents color and helps show more of the gown details:

{image link not working}

There are more detailed pictures here:

One thing I really like about this gown is it is suitable for both Latin and Rhythm, and I think the design is appropriate for a range of ages.

This dress has a full body-suit with bra cups (size B), a generous skirt that flares when you spin, a separate belt, and an overlay of high quality mesh in a beautiful tye-dye pattern that reminds me of a Monet painting. Also included is a matching hair accessory (never worn) and a choker (never worn).

The bodice is peacock blue with a trimming of crystal swarovski crystals along the bustline. The mesh tye-dye overlay is generously decorated with a variety of Swarovski crystal colors to match the different shades of blue. The mesh offers full coverage for the arms and slips off the left shoulder.

The skirt is generously stoned in Capri Blue Swarovski Crystals, and has a nice flair when you spin.

The belt (which has a lot of stretch) has solid stoning borders of Crystal AB stones, and features several large stones.

Maximum Measurements for a Flattering Fit:
Bust: 36" (Cups are a B)
Waist: 29"
Hips: 36"
Maximum Height: 5'6"

It does allow for stretch but I do not believe the fit would be as flattering.

This dress is in excellent used condition. It has been professionally cleaned and restoned and comes with new accessories. It is very lightly worn and has no flaws. I will include a generic dress bag with this sale.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


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Yep! You could wear the gown without, if you wanted to, but I think it looks better with. Or I suppose, you could use the belt with something else?


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yeah, I was just thinking that if there's an issue of the costume cutting one's torso in half, it looks like it's the belt that's doing it.


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Nope, you guys are absolutely correct - it is not a problem! This is purely a "me" problem. My partner doesn't see the problem, but I'm just not comfortable wearing it, so... out it goes!


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Just wanted to say the white swarovski smooth gown I had for sale has sold. I hadn't posted about it here but it was for sale along with this Randall (and the Randall Latin is still available). Thanks!


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Wow just sold the pink smooth gown I had after posting for just a few days. I guess I am really cleaning out the wardrobe for smooth!

Randall Latin is still available. Oh, and the blue and orange Fancy Fashions is still available too, and I've reduced the price.


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I found some matching earrings and decided to buy them and throw them in with the gown to sweeten the deal. :) They are hoops made of Capri Blue stones, which match the gown in both stone color and style:

So now the gown comes with all new accessories: a dress bag, earrings, necklace, and a hair accessory. Cha ching!


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I have listed some gowns at .99 on eBay. I decided to clean out my closet so to speak and some of these beginner gowns are a great way to get started. I listed them on Sunday and a few dresses already have bids, but still a great deal. Here is the link:

One gown is appropriate for showcase, perhaps Paso Doble:

This gown is great for beginning Latin. Handbeaded with thousands of silver colored beads:

This gown is a great beginning gown and converts from American to Standard, but the zipper is broken. Worn only once:



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RE: The eBay auctions.

If you are interested in buying, you may want to double-check and make sure these dresses are still on your watch list. My watch number went from almost 30 watchers to 0 this morning on the blue dress and the yellow dress. I had some friends add it to their watch list and I could see numbers appearing again. My assumption at this point is some strange eBay glitch dumped these dresses from peoples' watch lists. Usually not a big deal, but as a buyer I use the watch list to monitor items with low starting bids. I watch and wait until the end to decide if I want to put in a bid.

Anyway, happy bidding! So far the dresses are up to $20 and $30 and I am pleased. :)


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I still have this Designs by Randall for sale:

Since the show is coming back on the air soon, I have removed the discount and the price is back to $725. If there is a DFr who has had their eye on this dress, maybe we can work something out. :)

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