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History Buffs,
If there is anyone out there who knows how to locate the Lawrence Welk TV film with Bobby Burdes and Sissy doing the Bossa Nova in 1962? Please contact me at <>
Black Sheep
Bossa Nova Exposure

History Buffs,
The Bossa Nova Dance needs exposure to be revived. Share the instructions on this thread by downloading it and sending it to your friends and dance instructors. It make a great gift for the joy it will add to their dancing world. And it is free!
Black Sheep
Bossa Nova' last chance

Dance historians,
This is news that I was reluctant to share, because I do not want to sound maudlin. As most of you know by now, I am the creator of that romantic dance, the Bossa Nova. I do not claim any kudos for developing the dance; I admitted the creation was an accident of necessity rather than an erudite effort to create some dance specially suited to the music. However it turned out to be a dance that was the dance craze around the world (Leonard Feathers comment paraphrased) for a short period in 1962-63 until the 'Twist' put all the Ballroom dances on the back burners and ushered in the 'Disc Dance' which lasted some two decades.
Since I am the creator if the dance, just think for a moment, 'Who could authentically demonstrate or supervise the teaching of this America/Brazilian treasure if this 80 year old man became physically or mentally incapacitated'?
The good news and the bad news is that it almost happened on October 21 at 10 am when I was climbing out of the bathtub.
My fall was so horrendous that I bounced on the edge of the tub. I could have fallen on my hip and fractured it; I could have fallen on my head and who know what the result of that would have been. Instead I fell and actually bounced on my lower rib cage. When I recovered my breath some ten minutes later with all the pain I could bear, I was optimistic. I've broken ribs before when seven Brooklyn hoodlums jumped me. But my visit to the urinal proved I was bleeding internally. I was released from the hospital after afternoon after SIX days at 2 pm. The MRI showed I had suffered contusion of my right kidney which caused hemathuria, the internal bleeding.
The good news is I will recover fully.
When an 80 year old man walks down stairs, crosses the street, takes a shower or even walks out at night, he is very vulnerable. As active as I once was, I have outlived my expectancy. Frankie Manning, bless his soul is going strong at 87, But I do not have his health, I've had too many serious injuries starting in 1944 when my hips were crushed causing spinal injuries that have plaque me all my life. And I dread to think what a lose it would be if the only creator of a modern Ballroom dance was unable to at least pass on his knowledge of the Bossa Nova Dance with all the embellishments styles and techniques of this unique dance at least once, in person.
Three weeks before my beloved Cody passed away peacefully in her sleep, I insisted Kelly, her mistress do a Photo Shoot of our 13 year old friend. Today we have some twenty excellent photos of Cody in her last days.
It is obvious that I am using Dance Forums to share this BN Dance knowledge. Is this hurting anyone; is this 'bragging' offending anyone, does this attempt to revive the BN Dance self serving?
Try learning the dance from the instructions in this thread. I am sure you will become captivated and addicted within a few minutes; it's the music that does it, and fortunately, the dance give you the opportunity to express the music to your hearts desire.
Black Sheep
Re: Birth of Bossa Nova Dance

Black Sheep said:
The Bossa Nova is the only Ballroom Dance in history created by an individual; all the other Ballroom dances evolved from ethnic folk dancing groups [...]
Buddy Schwimmer claims to have created Nightclub Two-Step.

It helps a great dreal to receive a get well wish. If people only knew how important a visit to the hospital to see a friend or to entertain some patients with singing and dancing or distributing inexpensive gifts to those stricken with infirmaties, the hospitals and 'Care homes' would be overflowing with visiters. Thank you SD.

Black Sheep 'You may be down, but you are never out until you quit trying' .
Bossa Nova Stands Alone

Jon wrote'
"Buddy Schwimmer claims to have created Nightclub Two-Step."

In circa 1953, I had created a dance called the 'Dora Lee' and still have a full page copy from the L.A. Sunday Times; It, like many novelty dances had a simple step pattern with eight count rhythm. The news article has descriptive instructions with three photos of myself and my dance couple in a dance move. The article is dated and my name appears in the article as being the creator of that dance.
My point:
Anyone can claim they are the creators of a Ballroom Dance. To establish credibility, they need some documentation, other than "Buddy Schwimmer Claims, etc"
In addition, the dance has to have the parameters of a Ballroom Dance.
As exciting as the Shim Sham may be, it is not a Ballroom Dance, no more than Chubby Checker's, 'The Twist'.
And if Buddy has the documentation and the '2 step' comes within the parameters of a Ballroom Dance, and it is UNIVERSALLY accepted as such, as My Bossa Nova Dance is, then that is a different matter. Until then, the Bossa Nova remains the ONLY Ballroom Dance creraterd by one individual, all others are outgrowths of ethnic groups like Folks dances.
Black Sheep 'You have to serve, to deserve' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.


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Nobody likes a woise goy, Porfirio. :wink: :lol: (Think Three Stooges accent, LOL) Two mentions here today. I guess that means the sheep must be really getting himself counted somewhere else. :roll:
I recently started singingwith a Bossa Nova/jazz band and at practice last night, under a huge tree in front of a hillside cafe with 20 people watching( :shock: ) I was doing kind of a Cuban side-step to the Bossa Nova. Some folks were asking me what the step was and I said, "Er, salsa". Our sax player asked me if there was a kind of dance especially for Bossa Nova and I couldn't answer this question. The music lends itself to gentle swaying and shoulder rolls, but does anyone know if there is a particular DANCE for Bossa Nova music?


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Yes and no. There was a choreographed ... uh ... routine for bossa nova back in the late fifties/early sixties when the music first became popular in the United States. From all the documentation available, Joe Lanza or Black Sheep, who used to be a DF member, did the choreography.

The thing is, Bossa Nova, ironically, is really nothing new. There are no distinct Bossa Nova step patterns that I know of. It's an amalgamation of steps from other dances, done in Bossa Nova style. The Bossa Nova dance has a distinctive one-hip bounce at the end of each measure (or sometimes phrase) and it has a sort of mildly bouncy character, similar to samba on muscle relaxants (just kidding!) It's mild and mellow and bouncy, all at the same time. But the patterns are all borrowed from other dances. So, basically, you get to do whatever you want! 8) :)

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