Break Dancing What is it?

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If I did that . . . something would break!!! But I love to watch it and envy those who are able and can do it!

I love that video on this site about Poppin'
I just read that article. Interesting. Some of it is very accuarate, other parts woefully inaccurate. If you want a really good idea on the history of breakin' check out the documentry "Wild Style" or the DVD "The Freshest Kids".
I agree with D-Nice...Freshest Kids is definitely something to check out if you're interested in the history of breaking! Wild Style is good as well - but I feel it's more about the graff roots.

As for a site that has interaction with other bboys/bgirls - you will either want to check out (one of the first bboy sites on the net - it's where I've connected with mad people from around the world) - or!
Before Hip hop was introduced to the world, there was soul dancing, the heart of a revolution of ongoing dance. Soul dancing was introduced to World through such shows as Soul Train in the 1970s. I would say this soul dancing played a role as foundation that enabled people to learn and accept street dance culture. Hip hop dance culture in world started after the movie "Flash dance" appeared to the public in summer of 1983 though some people had already known about it and started doing it before. Although the movie was not about breaking (or b-boying), few seconds of kids doing electric boogie and breaking on the street caught many people's attention. After Flash dance, many other movies followed such as "WILD STYLE", "BEAT STREET", "BREAKIN'", and "BREAKIN' 2". Rock Steady Crew in 1983 and Boogal Shrimp A.K.A. Turbo from the movie "BREAKIN'" planted the seeds of hip-hop dancing in the world. There were many breaking crews. B-Boy crews represented each areas and got props among dancers. During this era, dancers such as Popping Pete and Sketer Rabbit from Electric Boogaloo, Booglaoo Shrimp (a.k.a Turbo from Movie "Breakin'), Boo-Ya Tribe, Popping Taco, and Rock Steady Crew inspired lots of dancers.

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