Breakfast Time Club!!


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Awesome, Ice Bucket. There are tons of recipes you can try, depending on what you like or on what you have. There's a whole thread here that contains some recipe ideas, and samina also has a website one can join, if one were to get hooked. :wink:

To start, pick one or more fruits you like that you think go well together. Plop in blender. Add some clean water and some ice if you like. Then add a handful or two of greens. Blend to smoothie texture. Drink up. My experience? Go heavy on the fruit and light on the greens at first, until you get used to the "green" smell and taste.

Today I had a summer mostly berry smoothie. That just happened to be the fruit I had in the fridge that was closest to going bad. A little less than half a cup each blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. A couple chunks of watermelon. Half a cup of red apple slices and a few red grapes to add sweetness. A couple hands full of organic baby spinach. Filtered water. Ice. Blend. Yum!

Tomorrow: Really ripe mango, really ripe peach, really ripe nectarine. Probably some parsley. I've never tried this particular combo before but mangoes are cheap here, right now, so what the heck? I'm looking forward to trying it.


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Today: a Bacon Sandwich of Regret. (Ring any bells, BTM? ;))

Not, as you may be thinking, regret of the calories or something similar. No, I will not regret eatig it. This is regret that I have to act polite and civilized while in public (at work, especially) instead of wanting to scream for having a bad day before it even properly got started. I _regret_ that I could not bite the head off the person who deliberately woke me up on two separate occasions on the train for trivial and pointless b.s.


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Two bagel halves with cream cheese, two cups of tea, plus two half doughnuts. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

(Actually breakfast just was one bagel with cream cheese, a doughnut and one cup of tea - the two cups were halves as well ;) I just wrote it the way that I had it.)

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