Breaking Pointe


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Anyone watching this? I kind of expect DFers to sniff their noses at this, especially since it definitely doesn't have a documentary feel so much as a vibe straight out of an MTV reality series.
I've watched I have very little experience with ballet, I think it's interesting to see what these dancers go through to have a successful career. I agree that the editing is very much MTV-esque, which is ok for entertainment but I want to see more dancing!



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I probably should've mentioned this in the first post, but it's about ballet, at least ostensibly. Be forewarned, it focuses a lot on romantic relationships at the expense of really engrossing dance stuff. I've had to recalibrate my expectations just to not give up on the show entirely.


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I forgot it was going to be on (I don't watching the CW generally) but I'll try and remember to catch it next time...I figured from what little previews I saw it was going to be more "Center Stage: the reality show" than a technical review of the life of a ballerina, but there are worse sets of people to follow around, I suppose.
Just downloaded a bunch of shows to watch. so disappointing. Ballet West is a seriously excellent company and I was therefore hoping to see serious park. I mean, Paquita, Emeralds, these are important roles.Alas.
The company's artistic director says at the show's opening "But the real drama is behind the scenes" and it focuses on personal relationships and competition for lead roles. It's almost like "ABC's Wide World of Sports" showing the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.


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I've watched both seasons of the show and enjoyed it by keeping expectations low. Yes, the "plot" is all about personal drama and quite repetitive (the same people have the same problems through the whole season, and they're made to talk on and on and on about them), but even so, I do enjoy seeing the glimpses of good dancing and of the rehearsal process. One thing that bothered me about the second season that I hadn't noticed in the first -- when they show parts of the performances, they don't play the music of the ballet, but cheesy generic background music. Which obviously detracts significantly from the enjoyment of watching them dance, since I don't know what they're dancing to. I'm assuming the show didn't want to pay royalties on the real music? Bad choice, in my view.


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Considering this is a low-rated show about a subject that the producers/distributors seem not to value, I'm not surprised that they chose not to pay for the orchestral arrangement to "Cinderella" (though I think we did get to hear a brief snippet in the episode following the opening night performance).

The personal, petty, and staged dramas are tedious, and yes, repetitive, but at least this last part speaks to a greater truth about how Sisyphean and unresolved people's lives are.

Anyway, as far as documentary series about ballet are concerned, I'm pinning some hope on city.ballet -- it's not on tv (not even the CW!), but it's something and hopefully a more candid depiction of professional ballet than BP. Dunno when it'll premiere, though!


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Love breaking pointe, if only to be able to watch snippets of really really awesome ballet dancers.

As far as the drama goes, yea it's cheesy and overplayed and lame, but I think the interconnected relationships within the ballet world are also sometimes applicable to the ballroom world. There's tons of "incest" within the ballroom world just like in ballet. This show just adds cinematography to it :p Besides, its just tv. I never had high expectations for the show.

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