Bring $USD to BaS and private Tango lessons


Let me start by saying that I've been to BaS for a week long visit a few years back and I understand the official and blue market rates of exchange. In April 2016 I'll be going 5 weeks specifically to focus on improving in Tango. I'll have to bring in USD to pay for my apartment (about 1.5k USD)

Does anyone knows if Tango instructors who are teaching private lessons expect to be paid in dollars or pesos? Any ballpark ideas on what are the going rates for private instruction (I depends on who is the instructor).

Any thoughts on the best way to bring USD to BaS? I was thinking a money belt but was wondering if that might get all the security people freaked out as we go through the various security stops. We'll have 3 stops: San Francisco, San Salvador and Lima (ending at BaS). We got a good deal on this 2 stop flight and must be gluttons for punishment but that's how we're doing it.

I was reading on another forum that some folks sewed pockets in pants or shirts. I'll definitely be splitting up the money between pockets and my wife. Once we arrive at the airport, we'll be met by a trusted source who will meet us and drive us to our apartment. Once we are at the apartment, they money will be turned over to the rental agency. Our trusted driver will also be doing additional money changes for us. I've used him before and he's reliable and fair. I'm trying to guesstimate how much additional money USD needs to be brought in.


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