Bringing tons of dresses to Ohio.


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I hope she had dental ;)

I always wanted to work at a Carvel Ice Cream joint...but I imagine you get sick of it after a while anyway. A chocolate factory would completely do me in.


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I was giving out some chocolate samples at Sax from Nehaus.. That's really really bad because they are really really good. I think best chocolates ever.. I would be over 200 pounds in couple weeks if that was my regular jog. I don' think I could controll it


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man I worked for HOSPICE...all a bunch of women who work with dying people...if you think there wasn't an unbeleivable amount of self-consolation(aka chocolate gorging) going on , you are sadly mistaken...those women could take down MASSIVE quantities of chocolate...not my thing...other equally bad vices, but not chocolate


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Been watching my weight for a few months now.

Was up over 190, but I'm back between 186 and 189 regularly now.

Thankfully I don't need to worry about fitting into those dresses. :lol:

However, I'd still like to lose a few more pounds and get down under 180 again. :cool:
I worked as a waitress in a pie shop back in the days; the month I started I gained like 5 pounds. I'm talking dark chocolate truffle cream pie, among 25 others. And then I didn't want any pie any longer and lost all that weight and then some the next month. But you do get a lot of exercise waitressing.


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I worked at a donut shop in high school and any donuts left over at the end of the day were ours to eat. You'd think I would have gotten sick of them at some point but I never did. They were just as tasty my first day of work as my last. :D


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Another note, I will have dresses ranging from $550 to $2000 so there could be something perfect for anyone. They are all good quality & good condition :)

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