Bruno Collins & Luanne Pullian Bolero


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That's been on my favorites list on youtube for a while. Someone needs to dig up some more video of them and put it up there though. You'd think after all their years of competing and titles we could do better than one video. :)


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Nice timing to post this. Just yesterday I had my first experience with Bolero. And this video is amazing, I just love their chemistry together, there is so much passion between them and the song.


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I have not had a coaching with her (though she's been in studio at least once and he of course has been in a bunch of times), but had "dance evaluation" with him, and helped us define some new goals for next year. Really appreciated his insight. Bah, but watching this again, just really makes me want more video of them. Love seeing them dance. :) Thanks for reminding me of this one, dancingshoes.
It's amazing to watch Bruno choreograph. He does all our opens and showcases. He gets that 1000 mile stare looking in the mirror; long time. Then, suddenly he grabs his pros and whala! He knows exactly what he wants. He dances it and then teaches. 100mph his brain is going. Very impressive.


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I have a video of performances by Bruno and Luann. I got it from Dance Vision a long time ago. I don't know if they sell it anymore.


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I really loved this vidoe... I would like to see vidoes of more of the past champions who are judges. Its easy to forget that they were once in our shoes.

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