Bushwhackers Dance Hall & Saloon TV ad circa 1999

Steve Pastor

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Tualatin, Oregon in the southwestern part of greater Portland. It's just a smidge north of the intersection of I 5 and I 205 west of the Nyberg Road exit.
That said, it's not on any of the main roads there, but I just typed "bushwhackers tualatin oregon" into GoogleEarth and it found it no problem.
8200 Southwest Tonka Road, Tualatin, OR

Based on info I found in an old appointment book, I've been doing "County Western" since 1992, including West Coast Swing! I didn't start going to Bushwhackers all the time until the Drum closed, and Mr B's took out their dance floor to make room for a Popeye's Chicken, AFTER Burns Brothers was bought by Truck Stops of America. Not sure when all that happened.
Bushwhackers is a great Honky Tonk, and their hamburgers are great!
I only get to visit maybe once a year on my way thru Portland but it is worth the stop.

Steve Pastor

Staff member

I went around asking a bunch of people if they were you and your wife?) you that one festival last year. (That's you isn't it?) I gave up fairly soon. But, anytime your up here, we can try again. But next time we need a better signal!

Bushwhackers was crazy crowded with young people last Thursday. The music didn't touch me, and I kept swearing that I needed to find another hobby. Then I went Saturday and it was a killer evening: danced with a gal from Texas, some young thing that's fairly wild in her dancing, some gals who haven't been in for a LONG time, etc.
Oh, yeah, and some young looking gal about to be married (She's 40!) said she remembered me from when she danced there 10 years ago!

And tomorrow will be review of Jose Cuervo '96 which we almost never do anymore.
Gosh, I'm hopeless in the face of a dance high.
Steve I've been going to Bushwhackers lately now that I live on the west side. Hadn't been until a couple months ago. Love it!

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