Buzz every time you slouch

Looks similar to Lumo Lift, which showed up as an ad on my browser a couple weeks ago right after I googled "pinball machine tilt detector" in a half-joking way looking for such a device. Im curious if any dancers have made use of these. If I carried myself taller during my non-dance day I would not have to consciously correct my posture as often while dancing.

Just a plain timer that chimed every 30 seconds would help me, as my posture deteriorates as soon as the idea leaves conscious attention... even while browsing DF reading about posture.


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I'd probably tune a timer out in short order unless it was obnoxiously loud or irritating. This I know from a rather loud clock. I'm not conscious of the thing after a few minutes in the room.

I have seen posture correction shirts/bras/whatever advertised somewhere. That might be an alternative, but no personal experience as to effectiveness.

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