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A safety tip for all you wanna-be C&W dancers-
NEVER take a cowboy's hat!!! You can step on his boots, spill his beer, sometimes even dance with his girl, but don't touch his hat without asking. Ladies, remember asking to wear a cowboys hat is flirting on a colossal scale.

. . . and . . .

Guy's if you want to dance with someone elses date/partner, ask the cowboy if he would mind if you dance with her before you ask her to dance. This not only takes the pressure of her (wondering if her date/partner would mind) but also could save you some teeth.
C&W Dance Floor Etiquette


I thought I'd help everyone who might be forced to dance in a Honky Tonk with a few more rules to follow.

1. Don't flinch when a beer bottle breaks. They can smell weekness!

Where I dance, the barmaids have trash cans located around the bar to throw away bottles when they clean the tables. When they toss the bottles in from a distance, it can be loud.

2. The man should always dance back line of dance when:

a. You need to plow through a crowd of people that don't understand to keep the track clear.
b. You have to put that guy in place who's cut you off 3 or 4 times in a row. (People will do this on purpose if you're new to a bar) :evil:
c. To protect your dance partner from the drunk jitterbuggers.

3. When a person steps on the dance floor with a cigerette, knock the cigerette out of their hand and put it out on the dance floor. Extra points if you stay in step. Yes, I've had to do this and no, I didn't stay in step.

Good topic Vince A., it made me laugh.

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