Calling all hustle dancers!

Wow... that makes even less sense. While the first ignores the up/down beat of the majority of popular US music it does fit the most stereotypical disco pop songs of the 70's... but the second has a floating step cycling through the counts. So while it acknowledges the up and down beats by count you are still not starting on the same foot at the beginning of the musical phrases.
Nonsense. The feet are moving exactly the same way. The numbered counts are falling on the beats exactly the same way. They have exactly the same problems phrasing. The only thing that has changed is the numbering used for the beats.

BUT as you note, it gets the down beats "right" - they fall consistently in the count, rather than drifting, and as a consequence you get a two beat pulse from the dancers instead of a three beat pulse. When I saw this demonstrated, the effect was remarkable "hey, they aren't dancing waltz any more." Perhaps you could accomplish the same thing by carefully adding dynamic accents when counting the appropriate 2s and 3s instead. Good luck with that.

I'm a westie, so I don't care at all about starting on the same foot at the beginning of the musical phrase. In WCS, you generally get better contrast if you align the beginning of a phrase with beat 3 or 5 of a pattern, and those are normally on opposite feet.

Having the same count indicate different feet is pretty twisted, and if you want to call that a deal breaker, I don't blame you in the slightest.
The part that makes it harder is that rather than counting the steps you are counting the beats which as we both have stated don't align. Honestly I find it easier to count my own footwork and make it be on beat than counting the beats from the music and trying not to confuse my steps with the counts of the music.

IME most people fall into this category, but knowing multiple ways of teaching/explaining it allows a teacher far more flexibility to getting all the students on board.

As to killing the waltz motion... a teacher that concentrates on body movement versus simply teaching patterns should be able to do that no matter which method they use, though I do see how yours could make it a little easier...

but yes, this is precisely why it is a deal breaker... well that and so much of the music I hear makes me want run head first into a brickwall. Not that there isn't awesome music for it also... but I hear so little of the good stuff.

It is the main reason why I don't do NC2S... the music makes me want to drive knitting needles into my ears. All that good Luther, Babyface, & Righteous Brothers music with a perfect rhythm an dtempo, and adult contermporary from the 80's is what gets the most play. *shudder*

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