calling all travelers!


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anyone here love to travel? a lot or a little...where have your journeys taken you?

oh, and what drew you to these places? 8)


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I try and travel as much as possible.

Here is a trip I did in 2001.

In 2002, and 2003 I got to travel all around the world for work.

There has not been a lot of traveling since May of 2003.

Usually my travels are like the stories of Paulo Coehlo. I go out searching and I always find the answers in the same place.


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jenn said:
anyone here love to travel? a lot or a little...where have your journeys taken you?

oh, and what drew you to these places? 8)
I've not travelled much since coming to the US as I have spent my time visiting back home, Tanzania, and now Goa, India. But, I have been to India, England, Tanzania, and France. I'm trying to cut down a little on home time so I can get some more travelling in the US, at least to start with... Oh..I actually have been down to California, San Francisco, South such as South Carolina and Kentucky.... I have been to Philadelphia. I have been to Washington DC....

How about you?
I love to travel! Concentrating on graduate school has kept me from traveling much recently. In my life, I've been over much of the states, Jamaica, England, and France. It is a life goal to literally "explore the world"; travel is going to be very important in my life... but with a job in social services, I'd better find an international job or a rich man ;)


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ive got the travel bug! :oops:

ive been to: mexico (all over), puerto rico, costa rica, hawaii (too many times to count), thailand, hong kong, taiwan, and this year i spent three monts in australia, india and guatemala.

i have a thing for the spanish speaking countries...but right now, i cant get over india. *sigh*

next year, peru and bolivia. and maybe bangladesh and nepal.


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hmm, not much of a travel bug (tho really like to) but here are the places i've been to:

U.S., Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan..... i think that's it.... would really like to visit europe someday.....


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I've been all over Europe (France, Italy, Germany, England, Slovakia, Switzerland,..... etc.. etc) and I traveled to Mexico and Chile.. Would love to explore Latin America a bit more, and really want to visit Asia... Hopefuly soon...
I always have the travel bug. I grab any opportunity to travel. I really admire people who take time off to travel around the world. Still don't have the guts, byt maybe one day.

Been to many European countries. My last travels were to Asia (Thailand and Malaysia). I really fell in love with the Far East!!!! Amazing countries and the people..... :)

My travel interests have changed over time. In the past I could do days of sight-seeing. Now I prefer less sight-seeing, more adventure travel, e.g. trekking, diving.

And I definetely prefer independent traveling! It's more interesting to find your own way around. I hate being in a big group.

There are definetely many places to go on this planet.


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I absolutely love to travel, though I haven't had much opportunity. As a result, I haven't been outside of North America and Hawaii...though I've travelled extensively within the continent. Weekend jaunts to visit friends in Canada and the US, as well as competitions have kept me tied to the continent and taken away time and money that could have been spent to go overseas. That should change within the next couple of years though. :)
When I was in college I did a lot of traveling throughout the US and into Europe - Florida, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Spain, France.

Then in my first job out of college I did quite a bit of traveling - Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Bahamas, New York.

But now I don't really travel all that much. I hope to get to Florida again, Texas with my husband because he wants to go, and Alaska. Of course anywhere in Europe would be good.
ok, i'll expand the question.

Do you guys/girls travel alone or in a group or join a tour group ?
If you don't mind posting, i'd be interested in which tour company you picked, which tour you did and why you picked them.

I am thinking of visiting Russia and Scandinavian countries beginning of summer 2006 and would like to join tour company but can't decide which one...... ?
Regina said:
ok, i'll expand the question.

Do you guys/girls travel alone or in a group or join a tour group ?
If you don't mind posting, i'd be interested in which tour company you picked, which tour you did and why you picked them.

I am thinking of visiting Russia and Scandinavian countries beginning of summer 2006 and would like to join tour company but can't decide which one...... ?

I wouldn't join a tour group unless it's much cheaper.
It's very easy to travel on you own within Scandinavian countries. Don't know about Russia.
Check, they have a very useful travel forum where you can get ideas and recommendations for travel.
I love travel- it is a major part of my life. I have traveled to-

Europe & Middle/Central Asia-
Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, The Greek Isles, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, India.

I live in Asia so I make it a point to travel around as much as possible and have been to-
Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand.

I also love Mexico and have travelled there several times as well as around the Hawaiian islands and continental United States.

Check out the Travel Forums folks, for more travel inspiration. 8)
I agree with Shooshoo about the Lonely Planet info. Grab a guidebook, make your hotel reservations online, do a bit of research and you're set. The only places I would recommend for joining a tour would be places you would consider life-endangering (like landmine-infested areas or communist countries like North Korea). Tours are generally cheaper than going on your own, but going on your own you have the freedom, which is number one to me.


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ditto on the lonely planet comment!

its my travelers to speak. i did the tour group thing with my family once. what a nightmare! the tour guide was a perv! :x

ive been using the lonely planet for my trips since and its sooo acurrate and helpful. sometimes we ll take along another guide book for extra info.

(note: the only issue ive ever had with the lonely planet is the latest edition of the guatemala one. the author was enamoured with the country and a lot of his comments were exaggerated and biased. needless to say, i was a bit disappointed and annoyed when i found out for myself. other than that, i love the lonely planet! 8) )
Yes, Jenn, the authors do try to use scare tactics and sometimes tend to gush about a particular inn or view, but their observations are solely their opinions. I have a dozen 'Planets on my shelves right now and refer to them for information(and to look up notes I'd taken along my journey) all the time. You do have to be careful you buy the newest edition and also update if you haven't been to the place in 5 years or so as prices change and hotels/restaurants go out of business.


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Let's see... First of all, work has taken me lots of places, particularly over the last 7-8 years. Houston and Florida are pretty regular stops. For a while, I was on a project that took me to Boulder and Toronto a lot. Didn't care much for Boulder, but Toronto was great. Washington and L.A. have also been on my work itenerary more than a few times. A few years ago, I worked on a Japanese ISS experiment and I got to go to Japan for a week. That was fantastic! Somehow, even though it was very exotic and strange, it was in a way just like I always thought it would be. (Does that make any sense?)

Our family used to do large trips on a semi-regular basis, although that's slacking off now as my parents get older. We went to London and Paris a few years ago. I loved London. Paris, well, the experience was a bit weird. I will refrain from saying more. But I'm still glad I went. My brother and his wife just got back from a tour of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. Eastern Europe is some place I've always wanted to go, so I'm envious. Other parts of the world that I'd like to see someday would include the S. Pacific (my parents had the soundtrack to South Pacific, just like everyone else did, back in the '60s and I guess I've still got it stuck in my head). Australia's also on the list. I hope that when we go someday, I can take a telescope and see what the southern hemisphere sky looks like.

My wife used to live in W. Berlin in the '70s, and she wants to take me there someday. I'd like to take her to Hawaii, to the Big Island. We went there on a family trip back in '92 (before I met her), and I though the big island was absolutely fascinating. Particularly the Kona side, oddly enough. It was just so unlike anywhere I'd ever been before.

We also like to get out and see other parts of the great big USA. It's amazing how much variety there is just within the lower 48. We went to Seattle right after we got married, and I want to go back someday. She wants to see L.A.; she's never been. This may sound odd, but one think I like to think of is going to places that aren't usually thought of as tourist desitnations. For example, we've been to Cincinnati several times and we've always enjoyed it. I want to go to Kansas City sometime. I want to see what that part of the country looks like, and try some of their barbeque. I'm also an auto racing fan and one of my lifelong dreams is to go to Knoxville, Iowa for the Knoxville Nationals. I've done the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500. Someday I want to go to Bonneville just to see it. But next year, assuming our house gets done on schedule, we're thinking about going to Phoenix for a couple of days before dance camp, then getting a one-way rental car and driving to Vegas, with a stop at Hoover Dam.
Back in college, I set a goal to visit 3 cities and they were Paris, Venice and London. So, in my last year of college, I took the $800 I had from my savings and moved to and worked in London for six months while I visited Paris three times via the chunnel and flew to Venice twice. It was rough on my pocketbook many times, but my dad helped me out reluctantly and said I should return home. Of course, I wouldn't. I, literally, fell in love with Venice and Paris. I vowed I would find a way to return whenever I wanted.

So, when I returned, I took a job as a flight attendant with a major airline for several years. The first two years living in New York, I returned to, my lovely cities, Venice and Paris numerous times since it was only 5 hours away. I'm a creature of habit and every other month I returned to see the beauty time and time again. Through the years, other places I've been to several times were: Frankfurt, Munich, London, Narita, Osaka, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Vancouver, Montreal and most major U.S. cities. Some of my favorite U.S. cities that I love and enjoy going to many times are Maui, Honolulu, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Denver, Las Vegas and Seattle.

I no longer have the travel bug and like staying put with my job. But, I will do some travelling once a month with this job starting next year. I still dream of Venice and Paris, but it's so far from the West Coast to visit that I'm okay with just my thoughts and memories right now. So, maybe, the next time I go back will be with a very special person that I can share my love of these cities with. Happy travelling!


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We could all hang out on and talk about this stuff, too :) And help DanceMentor get his travel forums web site really moving!

I just got back from two weeks in Cambodia and Sri Lanka. The highlight was meeting a 14-day-old baby elephant. It was very pink!

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