Can You Identify this Two Step Move/Turn?

I'm interested in learning the push move/turn you can see in this video from 1:15 to 1:25 for time. Could you tell me what it is called? I can't post links but, you can easily find it with Google if you do a search using the exact phrase below. Should be first hit.

How to Dance Triple Two Step - YouTube

They do the step in the teaser section of the video, but do not show it again in the teaching section.

Steve Pastor

Staff member
I dub it the "She's gonna hit somebody in the face if she keeps stickin her arm out like that" move.
Guess I'm not gonna be much help on this one.
I would call it alternating pattycakes with free spins. Um, at least that is if I am looking at the right thing!
I think you may be getting close. On a search I did find some reference to using it in a couple of instances. It may be borrowed from the Patty Cake Polka.

The reason I asked about it, is that we were at a dance earlier this week, and there was an amazing older couple doing the two step. They were by far the best two step dancers we've seen in our short experience. Our instructors have a way to go, to match them. In any case they were doing this push or patty cake move. It seems fairly simple and I would like to nudge our instructors to show us how. We seem to be on a death spiral now of more and more complex turns, and I would like a break to try something simpler for a change.

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