Can't dance like' an Okie

I need some help... majorly!

I just moved from miami fla, to enid, oklahoma... The other day a girl said she needed a dance partner, so i accepted... however, and much to my suprise, it' was for country/western dance :shock: ... for a guy who grew up break dancing in miami, i wouldn't know how to two-step my way out of a paper bag! help me!

Does anybody know of any good instructional sites/video's on this type of dancing? Thanks... any info is much appreciated
I am the webmaster for Grant Austin. I will PM you a link to his videos. I have watched them and learned from them and I highly recommend them.


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Two step? Yikes. That moves FAST, out in the clubs and such. Plus it's line of dance (which means it moves in a circle around the edge of the floor, with fast-moving people in front of you and behind you :shock: )

Um. You can start working on the two step, if you like. I'll take a look around on the internet, because you'll probably need at least a few group lessons to get started with the basics. Then you can use the videos to practice.

Many of the country bars here still have line dance lessons, which is where I'd focus, at least at first. That way, you can learn some steps and get good enough to enjoy yourself all in one night. AND, if you lose your count or footing, you can get back on without messng up your partner just by watching the crowd. (Stay away from the cotton-eye joe at first. That's line of dance, too.)

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Be careful . . . they hang break dancers there in Enid, Oklahoma- J/K - I actually got arrested there once in my very young days for being in a fight in a country bar.

The Grant Austin videos are great, I too have a few!

I would talk to your girlfriend, and together, the both of you go find a place - bar, social club, dance studio, someone's barn - that teaches and gives lessons on doing the 2 Step. Remember, there are many styles of 2 Step, and many looks to the 2 Step. Do and learn what they do in Enid!

Also remember, Missy Elliot is out and Brad Paisley is in!

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