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I have 5 cats so they sleep all over the bed. during colder weather at least 4 will be on the bed + the 2 dogs. 1 between my legs, 1 likes to rest his head on your arm. 2 of the cats think they must be on top of you at all times and will do their best log rolling imitation to follow me as i toss and turn across the bed. unfortunately for the 14 pounder he makes it hard to breathe so he keeps getting shoved off. the little six pounder you can hardly feel and i like to hear her purring in my ear or vibrating on my back. Now the snoring pitbull is not nearly as melodious and is much harder to push over but this is a cat thread so we'll leave him out.
Sounds like she has you very well trained :cool:
Who can resist? when i see her cute face, i am melting.

Originally posted by QPO I need some!...not as much as I use too. White my DP is on camp I let the dog sleep in the room so for the first five hours you hear her snore like a freight train and then she must wake up and think ok I see light I will hop up on the bed. 30kg of dead weight and I wake up with her stretched across the bed and I am on the edge. perhaps If I had a smaller dog this would be better but she is a big dog
back home 2 big dogs (husky & russian terrier) and 3 cats. Cats were never in the room, but dogs were.

Try to imagine when a 40 & 80 pounds dog sleeps on your legs or with you in a bed.

My shehi is now around 10 pounds.


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I love that coloring. That's the coloring I really wanted to find when we got our first cat. Alas, none to be found, so I picked out a nice orange cat. DH doesn't like orange cats, though, so we ended up with the fat & stupid (and adorable and loveable) cat that we've got now.

*whine* I want another kitten!!! *end whine*


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Mine looks like this one,except she has a black tip on the end of her nose, constantly sleeping on my kitchen sink at the moment. Safe and out the way of the dog and close to the food bowl.
Cute but you can see the picture was dubbed. There are actually only 6 cats and the rest are duplications of the first row. They should have changed the angle of the top row.
Kitty went to the vet and it looks like he is going to join the pill-popping generation. He has to take Tapazole for his thyroid. His blood levels are also off and he has a bladder infection right now. I'll find out on monday how his other tests come back. At least he doesn't have diabetes, which I was worried about.


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What symptoms made you think he may have diabetes? One of my cats is getting older and seems a little "off", and I'm wondering about diabetes....
Kitty is just coming up 19.

I noticed Kitty was drinking more water than usual and peed on my laundry, which he has never ever done before. I knew that he either was upset that my brother's puppy was staying over or that he was having kidney / bladder problems. He is usually pretty casual about things like dogs visiting and so forth so I swung toward the not feeling well and took him to the vet. Along with his bladder infection his thyroid is off which is not too strange with his age.

Since he has been on his thyroid pills he has really perked up and started doing these bursts of running into the room. I have stools for him to get on and off the couch and bed but now he feels he does not need them as much.

The good thing is that his eyesight is still good though his hearing is fairly shot. He can hear some but not well. Nothing wrong with his nose and eating, especially if its people food.

One more test to have checked so fingers crossed that all is well.
and123- primary symptoms of diabetes in cats include drinking more, urinating more and weightloss. unless they become ketotic in which case they usually stop eating, maybe vomit, become very lethargic. this is life threatening in short periods of time.
However these are the exact same symptoms of many diseases common in older animals. it is recommended that all cats over the age of 7 have bloodwork and urinalysis yearly to look for the more common problems that if caught early we may help slow the progression or control (hyperthyroidism, kidney failure etc). diabetes is more common in the middle aged cat. if all the labwork is normal maybe she is in pain from arthritis or would benefit from a potassium supplement. definitely recommend you see your vet if she is "just not right"

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